Friday, December 31, 2010

Romantic Country Magazine Spring 2011 Issue

I so enjoy Romantic Country. It has been a favorite magazine of mine since it's first issue...then when it comes in the mail, I grab it up and can't wait to read through it. I've already gone through the entire spring 2011 issue and enjoyed every page. I hope this post acts more like a "teaser" for you to get your own issue to enjoy rather than me telling too much about it.

First of all, I loved the article about Sunday Hendrickson's office. Ever since I was a child and my father insisted that I make sure I read who the author and illustrator of a book were before I read the book (much to my impatience at the time), I still today look at who wrote magazine articles, who styled them, who photographed them, etc. I know Sunday's name comes up as a stylist a great deal in several magazines, and so I was interested in this article about her office. Very nice.
Then the article about romantic vintage roses is beautiful in every way. I love roses and decorating with them. The article offers some beautiful ideas.
Then the article about Liz Davis' home/shop was a pure delight. As you can see here, she puts up the lace valences in this bedroom withpush pins....I thought how extra special they would look with some of the thumbtacks I make pushed in to add extra sparkle and glamor (like the ones below).

I hope I've encouraged you get the magazine for yourself. It is a beautiful publication, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as I have.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Well rested...

...and ready for a new week. We had the MOST restful weekend which is something we haven't had for a long time. We didn't do much...slept in, lingered over coffee, weren't rushed for anything...went out to dinner once...went to church twice...had corn chowder with my parents after church over the newspaper (can't remember the last time we did that), watched a few DVDs...*sigh*. We are all well now having gotten over our colds and coughs. It's great to come off a weekend and feel refreshed. There are some projects that I have in the works...and I'm ready to go on them!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Creative Teacup Lights

I have great appreciation for creative people with unique ideas...and this person has the most fascinating things--vintage teacup lights! I saw these on Etsy today. How can I not like, well, anything with a teacup involved in it? So, I thought I'd show you these. Hop on over to this seller's Etsy shop at Mostaza Seed to see her other work.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I just discovered this at Walmart. We had never seen it before. Have you? It has probably been around for the last 10 years....but this cranberry version of Stove Top is super yum. It was on the end of one of the aisles. I tried to find it in our regular grocery store, but with all the varieties of Stove Top available, this one wasn't anywhere to be seen. We like cranberries anyway. They give a nice little sweet bite to whatever they are in AND they sure make a dish or cookie pretty with their gorgeous, deep reddish-pink color. I always keep a container of Stove Top on hand in case I ever need a REALLY quick meal. I open up a can of chicken and stick it in the water with the butter before putting in the stuffing. *ching* Instant yummy meal in about 8 minutes. Anyway, if you haven't tried this...I'd recommend it. Yum!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Thrill of Being Patient

Sometimes patiently waiting truly pays off. The brooch on the left was found in a bag of goodies I bought well over a year ago. Though I really like it I couldn't quite use it because of its missing pieces (and hadn't found the right thing to embellish with it). Well, this past weekend, my parents bought me a wonderful bag of vintage goodies. Believe it or not, the piece on the left was in the bag. Yippee! Now I can use them both to make one lovely complete focal piece. I'm delighted and am glad that the waiting has paid off. It can be such fun to constantly be on the look out for pretty vintage things...I just have to remember to be patient.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Glass Bead Treasures has Joined Facebook!

Well, I took the plunge to join Facebook...but through my business, Glass Bead Treasures. I'd love having a visit by any and all and would greatly enjoy being "liked" or to receive any comments. I'm even offering a 10% discount in my Etsy shop to those who use the coupon code given in my Facebook entry. Try clicking on the link to the right and hopefully it will take you to my page. There is still a great deal I don't know about how everything works, but in time I hope to enjoy using Facebook. Any suggestions from tried and true users would be most welcome.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bits and Pieces to Catch Up

I have indeed been missing in action...however, I am back. There were some family things to attend to last of which was seeing my grandparents whom I haven't seen in several years. After Mom's accident and the health difficulties of my other grandmother, there has been a great desire to visit my other grandparents. They are in their mid-80's and not getting any younger. Life is short! We must do what we can when the opportunity arises. It was a wonderful visit and hard to leave since they are far away, and we aren't sure when we'll see them again.

While away, I received an email from Sadie that Lollishops will be closing its doors. Was I sad to hear this news! I had signed up to be a part of Lollishops before it went live on line. It was great to be a part of Sadie's vision. There were opportunities to do press kits, craft challenges, advertise in major magazines, and be a small part of a larger group of very talented people. Many, many thanks to Sadie for the opportunity. I will miss Lollishops in the new year.

Also, many thanks to Cap Creations for the Distal Funk cookie stamp giveaway...I actually won! I was able to choose any two cookie stamps that I wished from Distal Funk's Etsy site, and I chose the snowflake pattern and the teacup pattern. Also included was a little recipe booklet. I can't wait to make up some cookies and stamp the top of them then enjoy with a hot cup of tea. Yum!! Please, visit Distal Funk's store. These stamps are of exceptional quality and beauty.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Inexpensive Little Girl Room Decorating Ideas

I thought I'd share what we did in our little girl's room a while back in case you have a redecorating project in mind this winter and would like a few inexpensive ideas. I found a rug (sorry, didn't take a picture of that) at Big Lots that had olive greens, purples, pinks, ivory, and light blues in it. So, I made the theme of her room in those colors...besides she likes pink and purple. Since she also lives princesses and crowns and sparkles (mmmm...wonder where she gets that from??), I found a play crown from the toy section of Walmart for the very top of her window with pink and blue sparkles. An inexpensive (also a Big Lots find for $7) sheer scarf pulled through the crown and draped over the edges of the curtain makes a soft, feminine, finished look. I made the curtains out of material to match the purple in the rug.
I put the scarf through holders on each end. Also, I wrapped a wired garland of iridescent stars around the scarf to add more interest and color to the ivory material. The iridescent coloring picks up the purples, blues, and pinks wonderfully, and the garland also adds another element of sparkle to the window.
Then I got some flower, butterfly, and leaf stamps from the local hardware store. My mom gave me the teapot and teacup stamps, so I already had them. I matched the paints (the walls were already a warm ivory) for the stamping with the colors in the rug again--pink, light blue, dark purple, light purple, green, and off-white. I used acrylic craft paints which are pretty inexpensive. Of course, I had to add a little of my own flourish with a teapot and a teacup in the room. The stamps make a nice alternative to wallpaper and are much less costly than hiring a person to come and paint by hand. The corner of the mirror needed something, so the teapot went there. I added the "tea" coming out of the pot by hand.

I stamped everywhere but not without purpose.
I added butterfly trails and extra flourishes and some detail in the flowers, and instead of a mouse at the floor by the door, I put a steaming cup of tea with hand-painted steam coming out and dots on the teacup. Her bed is in a corner, so I put pink netting (an Ebay find) in the corner to "round it out" and soften the corner. She feels like she is sleeping in a "princess tent".

Well, I hope you like some of the ideas. I'd love to read about your project, if you used any of these ideas, and how it turned out.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Autumn Leaf Craft Swap Goodies from Victoria

Many thanks to Victoria of Things I Learn from Bear for the goodies she sent for GiddyStuff's Autumn Leaf Craft Swap. She sent some fun things to craft with--beautiful ribbon, beads (hooray...beads!), and some very pretty coppery charms. She sent some yummy goodies--a packet of hot cocoa mix and a caramel chocolate bar (mmmmmm). I love the dish cloths she sent--they are a gorgeous color! You know, I almost bought some cloths at a craft show and decided not to...then got these from Victoria in the mail. Thank you so much, Victoria.

Thankful for Thanksgiving

It has been a fun and relaxing Thanksgiving Day. I'm thankful to have spent it with my husband and kids, parents, grandmother, and nephew (who came in late, late last night from where he goes to school in New York). It has been a long time since I spent Thanksgiving with my grandmother and parents. It is a blessing that they now live so close and that we were able to be together today. I'm thankful that my grandmother was well enough to be here, and of course, that my parents are still alive after their car accident in August. I'm thankful that my husband didn't have to work as he has had to do for so many Thanksgivings past. I'm thankful for health, for a warm home, for a job for my husband, for a loving family, for the privilege and freedom to homeschool our children, for the Lord meeting our financial needs during a very tight year, for the country that I'm blessed to live in and the brave men and women who serve in our military, and most importantly for His Word, the Bible, and providing an assured way to heaven through His Son, Jesus Christ. I am indeed blessed beyond measure and offer this praise and thankfulness to God on this Thanksgiving Day.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Autumn Leaf Craft Swap Sent to Victoria

I participated in a swap hosted by GiddyStuff. It was the "Autumn Leaf Craft Swap", and the swap had to include three things: a handmade item inspired by autumn leaves, something in an autumnal color from my stash, and a sweet treat to enjoy after an afternoon of crafting. I thought this swap was right up my alley! I loved the theme and what all we were to include. My swap partner was Victoria of Things I Learn from BEAR. I tried to put a little package together to send off to the UK as a hostess gift...but unfortunately no matter how I asked, I never received an address. Can't sent a hostess gift without an address (I was going to make her a brooch!). Oh, well.

Anyway, I made a fall-colored brooch for Victoria with pretty glass beads. I gathered bits and pieces of beads and buttons and things and put them all into a little plastic organizer box, sent some red glitter, fall-colored feathers, and some deep green satin ribbon that has "tea" spelled in different languages with pictures of teacups on it. Guess I went overboard a little on the goodies from my stash. Then for the yummy part....a bag of Kisses with fall-colored foils (just love these...they are yummy AND pretty). It certainly was fun!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Kindness of Others

Once in awhile someone comes along who puts a smile on your face...renews your faith in people...makes your know what I mean. Well, Sherry did just that for me. Though I will leave out all the details of why she ended up sending me a nicer than nice note and these pretty, sparkling earrings, the fact is is that she DID and for a specific reason with a wonderful, thankful heart. What a blessing she is! I'd like to encourage you to check out her shop---Sherry's Garden.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Music Score Thumbtacks and Jewelry

You already know this, but I really like truly realistic things only in miniature. So, I've had fun creating these pins, zipper clips, and, yes, thumbtacks with sacred music scores.
I think they would make wonderful gifts for music teachers, choir directors, musicians, or just about anyone else who like music. Rest assured, these are all public domain scores. They may be hard to read, but I truly like how they look in roughly 1 in squares.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Many, Many Thanks, Veterans!

Thank you, dear veterans, for serving our country. We wouldn't be who we are nor have the freedoms that we still do have today if it weren't for your service and sacrifices! Thank you also, family members, for your sacrifices while your soldier has served.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Heart-Shaped Egg?

Yes, I confess, I'm one of those nutty people who sees lions in clouds and puppies in popcorn...and now I see a heart in my egg!
This one had cracked while cooking and once peeled and cut looked just like a heart to me. It certainly made for a most interesting and, yes, pleasant breakfast!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Few New Things Added To the Shop

I've added a few new items to my shop lately. This little brooch is just in time for Thanksgiving--a sweet pilgrim gal.
This French handmade coin purse and eye glasses case is a beautiful vintage find. It is hard to sell them since I like them so much--they are exquisite with gorgeous embroidered/tampour detail.
These are thumbtacks that are public domain music scores of favorite hymns--a perfect gift for a church music leader, or a music teacher, or for someone who just loves hymns.

Glass Pumpkins and Fall Colors Outside

I do love the colors of fall and have pumpkins about outside, but they are getting a little sad looking right now since we've had some heavy frosts over the past week. However, the sun was coming in yesterday and hit the glass pumpkin I have sitting inside on our dining room windowsill.
The salmon colored begonia (I LOVE begonias) in the teacup plant pot is still blooming.
The perfect colored mums--a deep purplish burgundy--are still full and pretty. I have our fall/Thanksgiving garden flag out too.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Just Can't Give it Up!

This past Saturday Mom and I got up very early for the first time since her accident in August to go to a large church tag sale, two thrift stores, and an antique mall. She got right up and was eager to go which is amazingly GREAT progress for her. We went slowly with breaks, and she was tired in the afternoon. However, we had a super fun time and got some nice goodies. It was such fun to get up and go with her again. We have BOTH missed estate sales and shopping early. Anyway, I bought this little crown brooch for a song...I love crown brooches. You know, I went to list it in my shop and just couldn't! There have been several pieces that have been hard to part with--gorgeous vintage pieces--but this one I just couldn't break with. It is gold tone metal with both deep purple and clear rhinestones. It was a fun day with even a rare treat for myself!

Favorite Mug

Come on...admit it. You have a favorite--the one one you go to, the one you specifically look for in the cupboard, the one you feel things taste better in, the one that feels "just right" in your hand, the one you feel a little down about when it's still sitting dirty in the dishwasher, the one you hope guests don't choose when they come for a visit....THAT one!
Well, this is my favorite mug. I don't drink tea in it unless I must (and have numerous times); however, coffee or hot cocoa or hot cider or even a small cup of soup always get poured into this one if and when it is at all available. I"m convinced things taste better in it. My mother bought it for me before I headed off for college. It sort of represents her and me and our love of shopping together.
It is just the right thickness, size, and weight. I love the picture too--so fun and carefree and simple. There are many memories I have where the mug though in the background was present. I have laughed over this mug, studied over it, cried over it, worried over it, rejoiced with it close by, prayed with it in hand, found comfort and warmth sipping from it, moved around the U.S. with it, read my Bible with it by my side...and am enjoying a cup of coffee from it right now while typing to you all.

Thursday, October 28, 2010 Fall Design Team Creations

Hop on over to the Lollishops blog---HERE. Today is the day that some of my fellow Lollishops vendors who were chosen to be part of the Fall Design Team will reveal what they have created with their inspiration packet of fall goodies (and a packet of gorgeous goodies it was!). Though I am not a part of this design team, I'd just like to offer my support with this post. The links to each team member are on the above link's post for ease in visiting...oh, and some will be offering their creation as part of a giveaway.

Monday, October 25, 2010

I've Joined a Swap

Vikki of GiddyStuff has hosted an "Autumn Leaf Craft Swap". I tried to participate in another swap this fall--it sounded like great fun as well--but the hostess, though she received my information failed to include me and didn't after I told her she forgot me! Oh, well. I was so disappointed! So, I was on the look for another one to participate in, and thanks to Swapdex, I found Vikki's. I received my swap partner this past weekend--Victoria of Things I Learn From Bear. I really liked Vikki's theme--we have to send 1) a handmade item inspired by autumn leaves; 2) something in an autumnal color from my stash of stuff; and 3) a sweet treat. How fun! I like that it wasn't a Halloween swap but purely fall leaf color themed. I'll post about what I make and send, so stay tuned!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Kids' Sailors' Valentines

I'm not overly wild about things made with shells, but sailors' valentines can certainly be compelling. Of course, I know what they are about--sailors gathering shells while on shore when away at sea. They think of their sweethearts back home and make elaborate valentines (or boxes or whatever) to give them upon their return. Well, in a lot of jewelry I purchased a bit ago, I found two necklaces of rather beautiful little shells and instantly thought of an art project for my kids. A quick Google search of sailors' valentines turned up some amazingly beautiful and elaborate examples--I was in awe of some of them. Well, the ones above are my kids' results! I was pleased and quite impressed actually what a 9 year old boy and a 7 year old girl could do. I think they turned out beautifully--and it gave them a unique, interesting, and inexpensive art lesson not to mention a pretty way to use up those shells.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gram's Canisters

My grandmother has had glass canisters such as these ever since I can remember. Years ago my grandfather built a floor-to-ceiling set of shelves in their kitchen--shelves that could be accessed from either side. Then Gram had these canisters on every shelf. Some were sets and some weren't. She had reds, yellows, greens, blues, opalescent brown...and that is all that I can remember. Of course she kept all sorts of things in them. I remember when the sun came into the kitchen it looked like a small stained glass wall full of color and sparkle. I had never really wanted any for myself in the past. My mother has sets in yellow and green (with all sorts of sizes of the same style) in her home.
Gram had decided to weed these out of her home and gave them to me. She kept her cobalt blue set and light blue set (they are so pretty and are her favorites). As these have sat around my kitchen for a few weeks they have sort of grown on me. They DO go with the fruit theme I have for our kitchen. I'm going to try to trade the yellow one that is of a different design with my mother for perhaps one that matches the other two in style....or perhaps it could be yet another quest for me when I visit antique malls, flea markets, etc.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Teapot Trivets Wall

My teapot trivets wall has grown! I did a post quite awhile back showing four new teapot trivets that my grandmother had purchased for me. They were not in keeping with the colors I wanted for this wall (they were blue, yellow, red, and an off shade of green). I had intended to spray paint them all summer...well, it was one of those summers. You know how it goes. Anyway, I finally got a few coats of green spray paint on them last Saturday, and they are now up in their places. There is definitely room for more should I find others that appeal to me.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Melissa's Giveaway

Don't miss it!! Melissa at Melissa's Jewelry and Gems is having a beautiful giveaway. She is offering this pink tourmaline and white topaz ring in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There are specific rules and you must enter by October 30...but why wouldn't you enter?? Pink is my favorite color and always has been....I love tourmaline (treated myself to a green tourmaline pendant after the birth of my daughter...the pink and green watermelon tourmaline is my all-time favorite)...AND breast cancer has touched everyone in one way or another. I have known several ladies who have had it--ladies from church, ladies who I've worked with, etc. This ring is a good reminder to us all to do our BSE's and get mammograms. Thanks Melissa for reminding us with this generous offer of yours.
Melissa also is a fellow Etsy seller and offers some fabulous things in her shop--Melissa's Jewelry and Gemstone Store. There are some very pretty and reasonably-priced gifts there for others or for yourself. DO check it won't be disappointed.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Morning Waffles

My daughter just loves waffles and always asks for them. I never used to like them--and discovered years ago that I prefer them very soft instead of done until they are crispy like I was accustomed to having them. Once that was figured out, I enjoy them to this day. I use my mother's recipe since it makes waffles with a delicious, rich taste. No "out of the box" waffles in this house. They take awhile to make but are worth it. Well, my daughter asked for them this morning, and we had them. With a pat of butter...yum, yum, YUM! Here is the recipe (I usually make 1-1/2 batches--but this is for one batch that makes about four or so depending on your waffle iron):
1-1/4 cups flour
3 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
1 Tbsp. sugar
1-2 eggs (separated)
1 cup milk
2 Tbsp. melted butter
Combine top four dry ingredients. Beat egg yolks then add melted butter and milk. Stir liquid mixture into dry mixture. Beat egg whites and gently fold into batter. Let sit for a few minutes then put into waffle iron.
Enjoy! ; )

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Avon Samples from a Nice Lady

Many thanks to Karen for sending me some fun Avon lipstick and perfume samples and, well, just for being so nice. Please visit her SHOP to check out what she has to offer from Avon. You know, I have such good memories of Avon all the way back to childhood. My grandmother bought me a beautiful flower ring with my birthstone in it. My great-grandmother bought me the little gingerbread man and the pink and white snowman pins with the solid perfume in it (the perfume never lasted very long). I remember the Avon lady coming, and my mom trying on new lipstick from those wee little tubes of lipsticks (like the ones above). I thought they were soooo neat, and the lipstick looked great on Mom. Sweet Honesty and Soft Musk were my favorite scents. Good memories! And, actually, they really do have good prices. I've tried some of the lipsticks above, and they are so creamy! Anyway, this is my recent reminder of some great memories as well as a great opportunity to have an Avon shop to go to for gifts for myself and others.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Been on a Stay-cation!

I've been sort of "out of commission" this past week. Hubby has had the past week we took a week off from homeschooling (hey, we've been doing it since the middle of August--it was time for a break!). With very little money in the 'ol checking account, we have been on a "stay-cation". The Lord blessed us with a beautiful week--the weather could not have been more perfect for Wisconsin in October. It has been warm and clear and sunny all week long! We're so thankful. We took day jaunts to state parks to look at foliage...had picnics...went fishing (didn't catch anything so ended up at McDonald's for a Filet-O-Fish instead)...went canoeing...went hiking...did some things around the house...visited family...and yesterday went to a wedding.
It was a beautiful day for a wedding. My husband's cousin got married. She had fall colors for her theme, and it was held under a leaf-garland arbor. The long, formal dresses were burnt copper and burnt sienna in color, and the bride worn an off white color which went well with the scheme. I loved the red-tipped yellow roses for the flowers. Lovely! By the way...when did it become vogue for people to attend a wedding in jeans and/or shorts and/or flip flops??? I always thought we were to go to weddings in dress up clothes. We dressed in our Sunday fineries, and I'm glad we did. Enough of this casual stuff! Anyway, after the ceremony, which was outside, a little cloud came up in the blue sky from which came a bit of rain and a beautiful rainbow....this in an almost totally clear sky! It was amazing and beautiful!
I've done a little bit of creating--not much, though. I thought my mind and hands needed rest and rejuvenation. It felt strange to just sit while riding to our destinations this past week. I ALWAYS am working on something in the car. However, it think it was good for me to take a complete break. I feel more ready to work on things now and am eager to get going on some projects I have laid out. That will come once we're on a regular schedule again and when homeschool starts up again (the kids work...and I work).

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Perfume Bottles

These two perfume bottles were found at a flea market last summer. One still had stickers on it. The other didn't. However, I believe they both are Italian glass. They are very heavy and are of great quality. They simply had to be decorated with fabulous jewelry pieces, and it took me awhile to figure out what to put on them. I felt the green one needed lots of clear rhinestones--so I put all clear, dazzling rhinestones on it. The pink and green one (reminds me of watermelon tourmaline) has pretty green leaf jewelry, clay roses, and aurora borealis rhinestones. I enjoyed making these and seeing them go together.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Some Last Roses of Summer

Perhaps it is because of all the rain we received in August and September, but my roses are still blooming beautifully. What a treat to have them to enjoy so late in the season! I thought I'd share them with you. Wish I could transport their scent as well, but you will just have to imagine that on your own. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mom and the Piece of Metal That Hit Her

Just a little update on Mom...she is slowly improving. She is getting her stamina back a little bit each day. Her appetite is improving a bit. She is trying to cut down on pain meds though still needs them for certain. She still has her neck brace on, uses a cane for stability, and doesn't have feeling in her upper left arm. The top area of her shoulders is still sensitive and painful. Her two long incisions in her neck are healing nicely. She gets a little down at times because she wants to heal faster, but one can't hurry time and healing. We try to be an encouragement to her with plenty of visits and helping when we can.

This is a picture of the piece of metal (that came off a truck?) that scraped across the hood of the car (see--on its edge!) and went into the windshield and hit Mom in the neck while they were riding by Elgin, Illinois this past August. The insurance company took the piece, and it is still a mystery WHAT exactly the piece is/is used for. That remains to be determined (unless anyone out there knows). It is only by the grace and mercy of God that she is still alive (and Dad too for that matter). It puts a proper fear of God into a person to see what God COULD have allowed and what He DIDN'T allow to happen--by mere fractions of an inch. Praise to Him for His mercy and goodness!

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Lord's Lace

You won't find a finer lace than this! The dew was especially heavy this morning, and as the sun rose, the spiders' webs all over our deck just glistened. Magnificent!