Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Vintage Jewelry Embellished Perfume Bottles

I've added a few new embellished perfume bottles to my shop.  These two came out well, and I really do like them.  One has a black on gray cameo complete with a very old glass beaded spray at the top.

The other has two guilloche pink rose pieces with plenty of rhinestones.  I love guilloche rose jewelry as well as pink and green together, so this one is one of my favorites. They may be found in my Etsy shop at

Tea Time Magazine and Beautiful Chintz

I just KNEW when I opened my mailbox and saw the July/August issue of TeaTime magazine that I'd love it. I love chintz and quickly flipped over to the article "A Summer Hat Tea Party" that the front page was taken from.  It is just lovely!  The chintz tea set is beautiful.  I enjoyed reading through the recipes as well--especially the summer hat peach pies (adorable) and the blueberry buckle.  I tried the blueberry buckle recipe this past week.  We enjoyed it for breakfast for two days (we liked it better cold).  It was not only easy but super yummy.  Sorry, I didn't get any pictures of it.  Just trust was good.  Anyway, the magazine was a great issue.  I learned a lot about Darjeeling (very interesting), spoons (looking forward to the next feature on miniature and soup spoons), and found some ideas on tea party themes.  I made some scones for hubby's work from a previous issue of TeaTime (raspberry lemon scones).

They were a little involved to make and had rich ingredients but turned out really well and were very tasty.  I liked that the recipe used fresh raspberries and had a sugary lemon topping that was tart/sweet on the top and had pretty flicks of lemon zest.  I send them off with lemon curd.  Yum!  Check out their website if you'd like to find out more information, get some free recipes, or perhaps order their bimonthly magazine (*credit* The picture at top is the front cover of TeaTime magazine and is their work and property.).

Monday, July 25, 2011

Having to Think of Autumn

I REALLY didn't want to start thinking of fall yet.  However, I have had to lately.  All of our school curriculum has been chosen, ordered, and received--we're ready for school, though we will not start until the last week of August.  The kids will pick up and play their violins again this week, after taking two months off for R&R, to get "reacquainted" with them to prepare for lessons again in September.  Also, I've seen fall things pop up everywhere in stores (Christmas things too--c'mon do we really have to in July??).  Some such things are these beautiful doilies I found at the Dollar Store.  They are so pretty!  I'm not sure what I'll do with them or how I'll use them...I just know they "spoke" to me and thought I'd better get them before they were gone.  They have great detail and color and are just gorgeous.  Perhaps the kids and I will have an art class and make something of them.  Couldn't beat the price either. 
I'm also going to list some vintage trim in my Etsy shop.  This trim, though I love and appreciate nice trim, is just not my style.  I know there are very talented people out there who could turn this trim into a beautiful fall project.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vintage Jewelry Embellished ID/Badge Clips/Reels

I'm always trying to think up new ideas for my vintage jewelry stash pieces.  The idea of embellishing some ID/badge reels/clips came to mind, so I bought some from a fellow Etsy seller and began embellishing.  I have to make sure that the pieces I embellish with are durable because of where and how they may be used, but I figure there must be some professionals--nurses, teachers, etc.--out there who like a spot of bling as well.  These clips had some views, but no bites yet.  Guess we'll have to wait and see how they go over.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Laura Ingalls Wilder and Pepin, Wisconsin

My husband had a week off, so we decided to go camping for a few days "up north".  We had a pretty tight budget, so camping and low-cost entertainment were on the agenda.  We had a great time--fished (caught enough to eat), boated (row boat), camped (yes, in a tent, and, yes, at a place that had flush toilets and hot showers--the kids just loved being in that tent), popped Jiffy Pop popcorn over the campfire (even though the label says not to), ate marshmallows losing a few in the fire, swatted mosquitoes, gold panned (didn't find any gold, but did find a few teeny, tiny garnets), picnicked, saw lots of wild life, and just relaxed!  It was fun.  The weather was good--thankfully not this hot, humid, stifling weather we are having this week.  One thing we did was visit the little town of Pepin.  We have read all of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books, and, well, being "Wilders" we thought it was appropriate to visit the reproduction of the home where Laura was born.  It was a lovely wayside in the hills outside Pepin (loved the blooming lilies against the weathered wood of the cabin).  It certainly didn't have any "big woods" around it.  It was on a hill surrounded by cow pastures, but the area and view were quite nice.  The drive into Pepin was scenic, and in town was an interesting little museum and gift shop.  It was all very nicely done, and we had a good time. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

An Impressionist Painting?

No...though it looks like it!  It is just a picture I took of a sweet bunny eating clover on our front lawn last night.  I didn't take the time to get the settings right on our camera for fear that he would quickly hop away after hearing the chirps and seeing the flashes from our camera.  I was disappointed at first with the outcome...but then it reminded me of perhaps a work by Monet.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

Happy July 4th to you all.  I made these yummy star-shaped sugar cookies for a church lunch yesterday.  The little gold glitter stars I just got at JoAnn's and love them--very sparkly and pretty.  Taking a few days off from blogging and my Etsy shop.  I thank the Lord for the freedoms we have in America and for all of those who gave their lives and have served or are serving in our military so that we can still have those freedoms today.  Happy July 4th birthday to my mom-in-law and happy day to you all.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

What I sent to Deb

This is what I sent off to Deb (Garage Sale Gal) in the Bloggerette Sorority Summertime Matchbox Swap.  Deb likes yellow and pink, so I made her a box with those colors (and some sparkles, of course!).

Inside I put lots of vintage bits and tried to keep in mind her favorite colors of yellow and pink-- including a pretty doily with small yellow and pink flowers, golden vintage thread, some metal stars, a string of pearls, and a house-shaped tea strainer.

I added some vintage paper bits, a round container of glass beads including little fish beads, and a mini salt shaker with sea glass in it from Maine.

I also put in a little box filled with pretty buttons (including an ice cream cone button) and baubles with summer colors and themes.

Deb was a great partner, and this was certainly a fun swap.

Long Overdue Swap Exchange Post

My apologies to Deb of Garage Sale Gal fame--my swap partner in the Bloggerette Sorority "Summer Matchbox Swap".  Deb was a fabulous swap partner.  She sent me this most beautiful matchbox that she decorated.

The theme of the box had to be "summertime".  Deb knew I like pink and green and did a great job combining the colors I like with pretty shells.  Isn't that rose "drawer pull" pretty?   

Inside she put a whole bunch of fun and pretty things--things she made, vintage things--all with a summery theme.  She decorated some clothespins with tiny, colored shells.  Sooo, pretty!

Then, what she couldn't fit in the matchbox Deb kindly sent along in a pretty pink scarf.  I especially loved the vintage strawberry perfume from Avon.
Then to top it all off...Deb sent an extra thank you note for what I sent to her.  She was a great partner, and I'm very appreciative for all the effort and time she put into this swap.  Thanks, Deb!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Perfume Bottle Giveaway Winner.... Sherry, of Country Wings in Phoenix!  Thank you everyone for your input and for entering, and congratulations to Sherry. 

Last Day to Enter Perfume Bottle Giveaway

This is the last day to enter my 500th post giveaway--this sweet little perfume bottle.  You must go to the original post to sign up by tonight to have a chance.  I will choose a winner sometime later this evening.  The original post is HERE.  There aren't many entries, so there is a good chance to win.