Friday, December 20, 2013

Sorting, Crafting, Organizing, Etc.

Well, that craft show actually put me in a "I don't want to do anything else" mood.  Guess all the making and preparing and doing of it wore me out a little.  Thankfully there were some sales from my Etsy shop at the beginning to middle of December.  I've made a few things...but lately I haven't done much.  I just finished this embellished key the other day.  Found the chain at a local antique mall and just knew it would go perfectly with the vintage jewelry piece, and it all went together quite nicely (it's in my shop HERE).

Otherwise, I've been working on my taxes so that I'm not overwhelmed with them next month.  Taxes stress me out a little, so I decided to organize all of my paperwork at the end of each month this past year so that once January rolls around there would be only a few series of 12 numbers to add up rather than hundreds!  I got a little behind this fall so had to catch up on October and November's figures. 

I've also been organizing my craft "studio" as it is affectionately called.  It really became a disorganized mess before my craft show, so slowly it is becoming more organized.  It has been amazing to discover, well, rediscover,  the things that are in that room, things under other things and long forgotten. 

We're getting more snow--more in the forecast too.  I guess it is December, and that is to be expected.  I'm looking forward to a fresh, new year coming up in just a few weeks.  Happy New Year!