Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee" Zipper Pull

Here's a peek at my latest Etsy addition--a zipper pull/charm featuring the score (yes, rest assured, this particular score is public domain, in case you wondered) of "Ode to Joy" or "Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee" by Beethoven. I love the song, and, well, am pleased with this item. Hopefully someone else will like it enough too to want it for their very own. ; )

Monday, April 27, 2009

A Single Red Rose

I love it when my husband comes home and has a sheepish grin on his face like he's really proud of himself...then I see what he has--flowers! The other day he brought me home this single red rose "just because". Yes, a single red rose signifies "I love you." He is certainly a precious treasure, and I love him very much. Thanks, Honey!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Vintage Image Jewelry

I've been playing with some new things lately, and these zipper pulls or clips are what I've come up with so far. It takes me awhile to create something from mind to actual item--but I'm sure many of you very creative people out there can understand that. I sort of brainstormed these with my mother while she was here last month, and these have been super fun to research and create. I placed four vintage image items in my Etsy shop today if you'd like to have a look at the others (www.glassbeadtreasures.etsy.com).

Friday, April 24, 2009

Blue and White Charm Inspired by...

...Victoria magazine's beautiful Blue and White issue! I just uploated it to my Etsy shop and wanted to share it all with you too.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Romantic Homes Lollishop Ad

It looks great, Sadie! I was surprised to find that the June issue of Romantic Homes had arrived in our mailbox yesterday. I had been eagerly awaiting its arrival. I think the Lollishops ad as a whole looks great...and thankfully my little picture looks super too. I'm thrilled that it's on page 2! It will be interesting to see how the views and sales are for all of those who participated since this will be an ad directed to a different group of people. P.S. The magazine articles look fabulous as well, and I can't wait to read through it. ; )

Cutting Prices a Little

I've already updated the Lollishop and will update the Etsy shop today...and I'm cutting prices a little bit across the board. Why not? I'd rather cut the prices a little and get some of these little treasures into the hands of people who will enjoy them rather than store them here in their neat little storage boxes. We could all use a little help with gifts for others (think of Mom, Gramdma, Aunt Sophie, or your sister who is expecting her first baby) for Mother's Day coming up or even as a treat for ourselves.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Romantic Country Article on Susie Holt and Michelle Bassett

Actually I've lost count on how many articles I've read about Susie and Mark Holt's home, cottage, and shop, The Cat's Meow. There have been many, and I've enjoyed each one. In the most recent issue of Romantic Country (what a beautiful magazine!!--you really must subscribe if you are a romantic at heart--it's worth it!), their home was featured. It is lovely--romantic and pretty but not over the top. I personally loved the chairs in the dining room. I have this thing about chairs, and it seemed like the magazine this time was full of gorgeous chairs. Have you ever been to the Holt's shop in Venice? I've been twice, and you know, Susie, is so friendly! It really is a worth-stop if you are in the area (and who doesn't want to go to Venice, Florida?).
Also, I enjoyed the article on Michelle Bassett's home. It's absolutely lovely. It reminds me of a French garden. (Loved that foyer chair!) She has a beautiful website full of gorgeous things www.canterburyhomeandgarden.com which is a pleasure to look at too.
I'm not really trying to put in a "plug" for these ladies or their shops, but I've enjoyed the articles and the shops greatly and feel you will to.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yes, I Now Have an Etsy Shop

I can't believe I actually did it! Well, unfortunately sales and views have been a little slow and low lately, so I decided to give Etsy a try. I figure for $.20 a listing I couldn't go wrong really. My eCrater--free though it is--is very slow, so I am in the process of transferring things over to Etsy from eCrater. I cannot add anything to my Lollishop shop until another month is past...so...that is the latest exciting news from me! My shop name is the same (minus the "Michele's") as with Lollishops--Glass Bead Treasures, and the address on Etsy is www.glassbeadtreasures.etsy.com. The Etsy widget is on the right if you'd like to check out the new shop. I'd love to have you stop by. I'm in the process of working on a new project--yes, glass beads are definitely in this project as well-- and can't wait until it all comes together. I'll give you a *hint*...vintage images are a part of it! I'm excited and hopeful and will post as soon as I have something finished and photographed. Hope you're having a great weekend.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Glass Beads Found off Georgia Coast

Have you seen the article? (All credit for this post and pictures goes to www.livescience.com).

A cache of some 70,000 glass beads from all over the world has been unearthed at an island off Georgia, comprising the largest repository ever from what was one of the Spanish empire's most remote and wealthy outposts, and revealing more about 17th-century trade routes...'We also have found perhaps the first evidence of Spanish beadmaking, along with beads from the main centers of Italy, France, and the Netherlands'...Years of analysis reveal roughly 130 different types of beads on the island...Most of the more common beads are of Venetian and potentially French origin, with new research suggesting that one of the most common beads of the 17th century, the Ichtucknee blue, was manufactured in France...Some of the unique beads, though, may be Spanish, Chinese, Bohemian, Indian or Baltic in origin."

Isn't this amazing? What a find! Aren't they lovely? I would love to see some of these beads up close...and to touch some! Historical findings are fascinating...and to think that these beautiful little gems were made and handled by people 100's of years ago and lasted this long. What an interesting article!

Friday, April 10, 2009

New Crystal Purse Charms

I saw these pretty little crystal shapes at the bead show a few weekends back, and they "spoke" to me. They said, "Purse!" (They say something else too which will remain a secret at this time until I can develop my idea.) I thought the shape lent itself well to a sparkly little Victorian purse, and I'm please with how these turned out, complete with little antique copper chains and a glass bead "fastener" on the tops. I've listed them separately on my eCrater store (simply because I am out of listings with Lollishops at the moment) if you'd like a further peak.

Amazing Bible facts...

...that one usually doesn't think about. It is a collection of 66 books of many different genres--history, poetry, prophesy, wisdom, literature, letters, laws, numerical statistics, etc. The 66 books were written by 40 different authors coming from very different backgrounds--shepherds, kings, fishermen, prophets, a doctor, etc. Most of these authors never knew each other personally. The 66 books were written over a period of 1500 years further proving that these authors didn't collaborate. The 66 books were written in three different languages--Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic--and were written on three different continents--Africa, Asia, and Europe. Also, amazingly, the 66 books share 1) a common storyline, the creation, fall, and redemption of God’s people; 2) a common theme, God’s universal love for all of humanity; and 3) a common message, salvation is available to all who repent of their sins and commit to following God with all of their heart, soul, mind, and strength. Oh, and in addition to sharing these commonalities, these 66 books contain no historical errors or contradictions. One could not go to any library in the world and find 66 books which match the characteristics of the 66 books in the Bible, written by 40 different authors, over 1500 years, in 3 different languages, and written on 3 different continents that share a common storyline, a common theme, and a common message with no historical errors or contradictions. These facts only prove that a divine God designed, inspired, and preserved His Word, the Bible.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cuttlebug Giveaway....

...from "Creating from the Heart". Check out Melissa's blog for all the details. The drawing is tomorrow...so hurry! ; )

Monday, April 6, 2009

Letter to Editor in Romantic Homes Printed

I was really shocked actually to see that my letter to the editor of Romantic Homes was printed. How exciting! If you peek in their magazine you'll see what I said along with some familiar photos that I've posted on here in the past. I LIKE their idea about making a bead garland for a chandelier. I have a few ceiling fans that just may lend themselves (the the light part underneath, of course) well to this idea. I knew Romantic Homes would come through with some good ideas!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fireproof--the Movie

Have you seen it? Hubby and I wanted to "sit and veg" last night after such a busy two weeks with my parents here and all the running around...then the cleaning and laundry and picking up afterwards. We just wanted to watch a good movie and not do a thing more. I found Fireproof at Family Video, and, wow, what a great message about marriage! The lady who worked at the video store said how good it was...that it was definitely for couples...that she and her husband just had to sit down and watch it together after she saw the preview...how much she recommends it. I agree with her totally. Now, there are very few movies that I would recommend to people. You know, like I would recommend Sense and Sensibility or the old Pride and Prejudice--those very tame movies that don't leave you feeling weird or disturbed or your mind full of garbage when you take that disc out of the DVD player. If you haven't seen Fireproof....get it, pop some popcorn, put the kids to bed, and watch it with your hubby. It will be well worth your time. We buy very few movies, but this one I think we will actually buy. I'd love to hear what you think.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Birthday Hiatus over and Ready to Go!

I've been on a little hiatus from blogging but am now back. My parents came to town for a visit for the past two weeks, and we have been buzzing around just about the entire time having a ball. Of course, it was my birthday last week. I got to go on a "date" with my sweet hubby for the day while Gramma and Grandpa helped the kids made beautiful homemade cards, pick out a new rose bush ("Climbing Gold Glow"--a luscious yellow colored bush), and make angle food birthday cake layered with lemon curd and real whipped cream. In the evening we went out for BBQ chicken and played mini golf. Everyone worked so hard to make it an extra special day. I am so blessed to have such a fabulous family who loves me.
On the following Saturday my dad kindly watched the kids all day (hubby was working) while mom and I went to the Madison Glass Art and Bead show. I have never been to a bead show and thought I'd see how this one was (the BIG show in Milwaukee in June will have to wait for another year). We were out for just about the entire day (our feet were super sore afterward) going from booth to booth. We had a blast! I got some new pretties to work with and am eager to get going.
Mom and I discussed lots of crafty things during the past two weeks. I shared with her some of my new ideas and am eager to get started on some of them. I'll keep you posted. There were other fun things we did during my parents' visit which I'll post about in the future. Thanks for visiting!