Saturday, April 4, 2009

Birthday Hiatus over and Ready to Go!

I've been on a little hiatus from blogging but am now back. My parents came to town for a visit for the past two weeks, and we have been buzzing around just about the entire time having a ball. Of course, it was my birthday last week. I got to go on a "date" with my sweet hubby for the day while Gramma and Grandpa helped the kids made beautiful homemade cards, pick out a new rose bush ("Climbing Gold Glow"--a luscious yellow colored bush), and make angle food birthday cake layered with lemon curd and real whipped cream. In the evening we went out for BBQ chicken and played mini golf. Everyone worked so hard to make it an extra special day. I am so blessed to have such a fabulous family who loves me.
On the following Saturday my dad kindly watched the kids all day (hubby was working) while mom and I went to the Madison Glass Art and Bead show. I have never been to a bead show and thought I'd see how this one was (the BIG show in Milwaukee in June will have to wait for another year). We were out for just about the entire day (our feet were super sore afterward) going from booth to booth. We had a blast! I got some new pretties to work with and am eager to get going.
Mom and I discussed lots of crafty things during the past two weeks. I shared with her some of my new ideas and am eager to get started on some of them. I'll keep you posted. There were other fun things we did during my parents' visit which I'll post about in the future. Thanks for visiting!

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Julie said...

Sounds like you have been having a lot of FUN...How much fun to go to a Bead Show...Have a restful weekend...Julie