Monday, September 8, 2014

Morning Glories

My idea in the past was to have a mailbox out front of our house covered in vine and beautiful flowering Morning Glories--like our neighbors have down the street.  Well, we live across from a little wooded area, and the rabbits would sneak over across the street and nibble away.  Why they never found their way to our neighbor's house is beyond me (they aren't that far from the woods!).  So, I completely gave up on the beautiful mailbox idea.  Our mail carrier is probably glad that she doesn't have to fight bumblebees and the like when she delivers our mail.  So, I decided to try to cover up the ugly metal pipe above our well.  The Morning Glory growth has been wimpy to okay in the past...nothing too exciting.

Well, this year I scattered seeds on a whim not expecting much.  How pleased I've been with an abundance of growth and lovely flowers to enjoy!...not to mention not seeing much of that ugly pipe.  I could be from the abundance of rain we've had this year...maybe it was better seeds.  The bunnies never did find these, thankfully.  I personally think they were too busy in our vegetable garden on the other side of our property to care about these flowers.