Tuesday, November 26, 2013

First Craft Show

Mom and I were in a craft show last Saturday.  What a lot of work!  Whew!  Mom has been in craft shows most of her life, and I remember going to many of them...sitting with her, helping her, etc.  They I got married, moved out of the house...fast forward 24 years.  She hasn't been in one since moving out here with us, so we thought it was time.  We had been going to this one particular show for the past few years.  It looked like a good one--no Tupperware, no Pampered Chef....just all handmade crafts at this show.  We liked that. 

I had worked hard deactivating things from my Etsy shop, tagging items, and organizing for several weeks.  I made two more vintage jewelry wreaths as well as a few other things.  Of course, Mom had many things to put in too...our little table was packed!  It was a sunny day but bitterly cold, and I know that kept some people home.  We did okay...of course, I wasn't exactly sure how it would go.  You always hope to sell, well...like, EVERYTHING, and that rarely happens.  It was a good experience. but we haven't decided if we will do it again next year...probably though! 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Flowers from My Honey

These are some flowers that my sweet husband sent to me.  Aren't they beautiful? 

It has been a rough few weeks.  I was officially diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis...and it has been a little hard to deal with.  However, I'm so thankful for a supportive family who has been kind and gentle with me.  My husband has been sweet and wonderful through it all, and I'm so thankful for him.  I'm very thankful too for the Lord for the strength, peace, and comfort He has given me.  No, I'm certainly not mad at God.  Sickness and difficulties are part of life.  He has allowed it in my life for a purpose, and I know He will give me the grace to get through each day.  I'm on meds that I know are helping--I can feel they are helping.  I don't like the idea of being dependent on medication now--for the rest of my life, in fact--and for having to take a med that lowers my immune system.  I don't like not having the freedom of choice in taking over the counter things for colds and headaches like I used to.  Change is always hard.  But, it just takes getting used to.  I'm thankful for doctors and medication for help.  Through my adjustments and tears, I know that there are many, many other people out there with far more serious problems, and I'm extremely thankful to God that this diagnosis isn't more sinister.