Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Slowly Progressing

It's amazing how some things can slow down so much and other things speed up at the same time.  Sales at my shop, flea markets and sales, working on projects....these have slowed down considerably lately.  Homeschooling, sorting, time...these have definitely sped up.  We started school last week.  My husband has next week off (and a busy one it will be!), so I wanted to get a jump start on the kids, work so that we didn't get behind.  That takes up a good deal of time.  My sales have slowed down considerably lately, no doubt because of the time of year.  I had purchased things over the summer but had not gone through everything, so I am taking the time while the kids work on school to sort, organize, and rearrange.  I HAVE worked on a few things like this pretty bottle but not on many.

I've been to only a few sales lately and have tried to go to some flea markets only to find out that they didn't really exist or something else came up unexpectedly so that I was not able to go.  As fall approaches I know that sales and flea markets will be coming to a close pretty soon.  Not looking forward to that! 
I have also been working on a swap--it is for a prize ribbon.  I was to create a prize ribbon in colors to my swap partner's liking.  I finished it yesterday and will be mailing it off today.  Pictures will be in another post once my partner receives her ribbon. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Handmade Artists' Shop Selling Venue

Well, several years ago I was a member of Lollishops.  Remember that?  It was a very sweet and fun selling venue.  I met some wonderful people through it....sold some things.  Their advertising and networking ideas were great, and with co-op ads I was able to have my site link in a number of big magazines.  Unfortunately Lollishops closed after just a short time.  I've been selling through Etsy for quite awhile now, and it has gone well.  However, I thought I'd branch out a little and try another selling venue again just for a few of my things.  It had to be economical.  I love the idea of Make Mine Pink and Shabby Shops and others, but I just can't afford their monthly prices.  

Then I read about the Handmade Artists' Shop though an Etsy forum.  They don't take any fees other than $5 per month, and all the products on there have to be hand made.  I like the attitude of the I'm giving it a try with my hand stitched felt things.  I may keep a few felt things on Etsy...haven't decided on that though.  Check out my SHOP if you'd like as well as some of the OTHER SHOPS there.  It's a small but growing community and could use other vendors if you want to join.  No sales yet...but I've only been there a week.  What do you think?

Monday, August 6, 2012

New Camera

Unfortunately...I think unfortunately...our old camera...well, got too old to use.  It started with pictures that looked like Venetian blinds had been pulled across them.  Then...occasionally the pictures would turn out totally white.  Then we started to get pictures that were totally black.  What took the cake was at our children's baptism...we only got one picture!  Thankfully there were, of course, others there, and my mother-in-law sent us pictures of what we missed.  I think our camera was just plain worn out.  I HAD taken thousands and thousands of pictures with it....and thankfully it didn't decide to do its funny tricks on a mountain in Montana or in the back of beyond somewhere on our vacation.  So, we researched and *ouch* bought a new one--a Kodak Easyshare.  I realllllly didn't like the idea of forking out money for a new one, but you have to do what you have to do, right?  No pictures, no listing things in my shop.  I'd take a picture of the camera, but that would be a little difficult.  Thankfully it was on clearance and thus $75 was raked off the price.  It IS better than our other camera, and I do believe it takes better pictures.  I'm still trying to figure out the editing tools which aren't as good as on the software of our previous camera.

Don't you think the pictures are pretty clear?  I took this picture of a newly finished perfume bottle for my shop yesterday and am pleased with the clarity and light (the camera adjusts its own light).