Thursday, November 25, 2010

Autumn Leaf Craft Swap Goodies from Victoria

Many thanks to Victoria of Things I Learn from Bear for the goodies she sent for GiddyStuff's Autumn Leaf Craft Swap. She sent some fun things to craft with--beautiful ribbon, beads (hooray...beads!), and some very pretty coppery charms. She sent some yummy goodies--a packet of hot cocoa mix and a caramel chocolate bar (mmmmmm). I love the dish cloths she sent--they are a gorgeous color! You know, I almost bought some cloths at a craft show and decided not to...then got these from Victoria in the mail. Thank you so much, Victoria.

Thankful for Thanksgiving

It has been a fun and relaxing Thanksgiving Day. I'm thankful to have spent it with my husband and kids, parents, grandmother, and nephew (who came in late, late last night from where he goes to school in New York). It has been a long time since I spent Thanksgiving with my grandmother and parents. It is a blessing that they now live so close and that we were able to be together today. I'm thankful that my grandmother was well enough to be here, and of course, that my parents are still alive after their car accident in August. I'm thankful that my husband didn't have to work as he has had to do for so many Thanksgivings past. I'm thankful for health, for a warm home, for a job for my husband, for a loving family, for the privilege and freedom to homeschool our children, for the Lord meeting our financial needs during a very tight year, for the country that I'm blessed to live in and the brave men and women who serve in our military, and most importantly for His Word, the Bible, and providing an assured way to heaven through His Son, Jesus Christ. I am indeed blessed beyond measure and offer this praise and thankfulness to God on this Thanksgiving Day.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Autumn Leaf Craft Swap Sent to Victoria

I participated in a swap hosted by GiddyStuff. It was the "Autumn Leaf Craft Swap", and the swap had to include three things: a handmade item inspired by autumn leaves, something in an autumnal color from my stash, and a sweet treat to enjoy after an afternoon of crafting. I thought this swap was right up my alley! I loved the theme and what all we were to include. My swap partner was Victoria of Things I Learn from BEAR. I tried to put a little package together to send off to the UK as a hostess gift...but unfortunately no matter how I asked, I never received an address. Can't sent a hostess gift without an address (I was going to make her a brooch!). Oh, well.

Anyway, I made a fall-colored brooch for Victoria with pretty glass beads. I gathered bits and pieces of beads and buttons and things and put them all into a little plastic organizer box, sent some red glitter, fall-colored feathers, and some deep green satin ribbon that has "tea" spelled in different languages with pictures of teacups on it. Guess I went overboard a little on the goodies from my stash. Then for the yummy part....a bag of Kisses with fall-colored foils (just love these...they are yummy AND pretty). It certainly was fun!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Kindness of Others

Once in awhile someone comes along who puts a smile on your face...renews your faith in people...makes your know what I mean. Well, Sherry did just that for me. Though I will leave out all the details of why she ended up sending me a nicer than nice note and these pretty, sparkling earrings, the fact is is that she DID and for a specific reason with a wonderful, thankful heart. What a blessing she is! I'd like to encourage you to check out her shop---Sherry's Garden.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Music Score Thumbtacks and Jewelry

You already know this, but I really like truly realistic things only in miniature. So, I've had fun creating these pins, zipper clips, and, yes, thumbtacks with sacred music scores.
I think they would make wonderful gifts for music teachers, choir directors, musicians, or just about anyone else who like music. Rest assured, these are all public domain scores. They may be hard to read, but I truly like how they look in roughly 1 in squares.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Many, Many Thanks, Veterans!

Thank you, dear veterans, for serving our country. We wouldn't be who we are nor have the freedoms that we still do have today if it weren't for your service and sacrifices! Thank you also, family members, for your sacrifices while your soldier has served.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Heart-Shaped Egg?

Yes, I confess, I'm one of those nutty people who sees lions in clouds and puppies in popcorn...and now I see a heart in my egg!
This one had cracked while cooking and once peeled and cut looked just like a heart to me. It certainly made for a most interesting and, yes, pleasant breakfast!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Few New Things Added To the Shop

I've added a few new items to my shop lately. This little brooch is just in time for Thanksgiving--a sweet pilgrim gal.
This French handmade coin purse and eye glasses case is a beautiful vintage find. It is hard to sell them since I like them so much--they are exquisite with gorgeous embroidered/tampour detail.
These are thumbtacks that are public domain music scores of favorite hymns--a perfect gift for a church music leader, or a music teacher, or for someone who just loves hymns.

Glass Pumpkins and Fall Colors Outside

I do love the colors of fall and have pumpkins about outside, but they are getting a little sad looking right now since we've had some heavy frosts over the past week. However, the sun was coming in yesterday and hit the glass pumpkin I have sitting inside on our dining room windowsill.
The salmon colored begonia (I LOVE begonias) in the teacup plant pot is still blooming.
The perfect colored mums--a deep purplish burgundy--are still full and pretty. I have our fall/Thanksgiving garden flag out too.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Just Can't Give it Up!

This past Saturday Mom and I got up very early for the first time since her accident in August to go to a large church tag sale, two thrift stores, and an antique mall. She got right up and was eager to go which is amazingly GREAT progress for her. We went slowly with breaks, and she was tired in the afternoon. However, we had a super fun time and got some nice goodies. It was such fun to get up and go with her again. We have BOTH missed estate sales and shopping early. Anyway, I bought this little crown brooch for a song...I love crown brooches. You know, I went to list it in my shop and just couldn't! There have been several pieces that have been hard to part with--gorgeous vintage pieces--but this one I just couldn't break with. It is gold tone metal with both deep purple and clear rhinestones. It was a fun day with even a rare treat for myself!

Favorite Mug

Come on...admit it. You have a favorite--the one one you go to, the one you specifically look for in the cupboard, the one you feel things taste better in, the one that feels "just right" in your hand, the one you feel a little down about when it's still sitting dirty in the dishwasher, the one you hope guests don't choose when they come for a visit....THAT one!
Well, this is my favorite mug. I don't drink tea in it unless I must (and have numerous times); however, coffee or hot cocoa or hot cider or even a small cup of soup always get poured into this one if and when it is at all available. I"m convinced things taste better in it. My mother bought it for me before I headed off for college. It sort of represents her and me and our love of shopping together.
It is just the right thickness, size, and weight. I love the picture too--so fun and carefree and simple. There are many memories I have where the mug though in the background was present. I have laughed over this mug, studied over it, cried over it, worried over it, rejoiced with it close by, prayed with it in hand, found comfort and warmth sipping from it, moved around the U.S. with it, read my Bible with it by my side...and am enjoying a cup of coffee from it right now while typing to you all.