Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Coastal Memories

I saw this beautiful oil painting on Esty done by the talented Shelley Koopmann (Please check out her shop, PastelPaletteArtwork).  To me it conjures up very fond memories of combing the beaches of Maine looking for sea glass, shells, and any other treasures that can be found.  A wave would go out, and I'd be tempted to venture quickly out on the shiny, wet sand for that too-tempting-to-leave gorgeous piece of roughed up glass, only to have to hurry back quickly before the wave came roaring back trying to get my shoes wet. 
Beach Pick Up - Giclee
I like that his picture has a lady fully clothed on a beach...it is usually quite cool on the beaches of Maine even in the summer. This is how I was usually dressed.  Only the heartiest actually swim in the frigid northern Atlantic!  I remember my feet going numb quite quickly --not to mention ache!--whenever I decided to take off my shoes and socks and venture out into the water to my ankles.  It has been many years since we've had the chance to go to Maine.  It is definitely a destination spot--not one of those places that you can just stop at on your way to someplace else.  Perhaps next year we will have the chance to go and comb the beautiful beaches while filling our lungs with the fresh salt air--much like our lady above is doing.  But, until then, I shall just enjoy Shelley's artwork and the wonderful memories it brings. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Having a Sale....Again...Any Takers???

You know I had a 40% off sale in my Etsy shop a few weekends back...not one person took me up on the offer!  No one!  Zero!  I Tweeted, Facebooked, blogged, and announced in my shop...40% off everything.  With free shipping on most things to the US...some of the stuff was a real steal.  *sigh* So, I'm trying it again today:  40% off (no minimums even!) everything in my store.  It's a one day sale...to see if anyone is paying attention.  Just wanting to move some goodies along to a good home.  Check out my SHOP if you are interested and enter "summer40" to receive the discount upon checkout.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Huge Summer Sale!!

Having a short, summer sale the next two days in my Etsy shop.  Enter "SUMMER40" in the coupon code section to receive 40% off your order. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Flea Markets and Barn Sales...Oh, and an Upcoming Sale!

One thing I just love about the warmer weather is getting out to sales...yard sales, garage sales, flea markets, and barn sales. 
Wooden Rustic Sign Farm Country Vintage Style Home Decor Flea Market Sign Hobbies Black and White

Thanks to CTheWritingOnTheWall  for their fabulous "Flea Market" sign.  Check out their Esty shop HERE
This past weekend Mom and I went to two flea markets and three barn sales.  *whew*  We were really tired out, and, yes, I spent all of my money I had to spend (and then a little bit more).  Some of the sales were pathetic or too expensive, but a few (especially one) were fantastic.  I could have spent hundreds of dollars.  At one barn sale there was a lady taking pictures on her I-phone...sending them to a friend...and getting answers back from the friend to buy things for her.  The lady had a huge pile of stuff she was buying (and this was on the second day of the sale!).  It was all great fun. 
I'm eager to take pictures and list the many goodies that were found.  First of all, the weather needs to cooperate so that my pictures will come out looking nice, AND I need to list things that I've already taken pictures of and just haven't gotten listed yet.  I'm in the process of doing that now.  I'm going to have a big, big sale on July 4th...okay, since you've read down this far I'll tell you what the sale will be.  It is going to be 40%...yes, that's 40% off everything in my Etsy store on July 4th.  This sale will be for one day only.  Come back at the end of the week for a blog post on the specs and for the discount coupon code.