Friday, March 27, 2009

Birthday Winner

Thank you for all of the wonderful comments from everyone and the sweet birthday wishes from all. I used to determine that the winner of the teacup and saucer, hankie, and pendant is #13--that would be Marie. Congratulations! I'll be contacting you shortly. Thank you all again for helping make it so special.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just two more days to enter my giveaway

If you haven't entered my 40th birthday giveaway yet, you are most welcome to-->HERE. Just add a comment under the giveaway post and blog about it for another chance to win. You have only two more days left.

Monday, March 23, 2009

A Note and Brooch to Phyllis Hoffman...

...and a lovely thank-you note in return! I was just thrilled to recieve her thank-you note on Saturday. Since Victoria magazine and Tea Time magazine are two of my very favorites, I decided to send Phyllis Hoffman a "thank-you for the wonderful magazines that I enjoy and am inspired by" note along with a brooch. No, I don't expect to sell any of my jewelry or be recognized in any way. Not at all! But rather I thought creating a unique brooch just for her was a nice, all-my-own way to express heartfelt thanks in my continuing quest to try to be a thankful person. These magazines really do give me hours of enjoyment and inspiration...why not send a thank-you? Anyway, for some reason I didn't take a picture of the brooch (not smart). It was all in blues and whites (some of her favorite colors--mmmmm, must be why there is that "blue and white" issue of Victoria every year)--very similar to the Wintertime Brooch listed in my Lollishop shop. Being the proper Southern lady that she is, I'm not surprised that she wrote a thank-you to my thank-you and am honored and feel blessed that she accepted it.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's Spring!

This little trio of lovelies was smiling up at me this morning--the first full day of spring--and I wanted to share them and the joy they bring. Happy spring everyone! ; )

Thursday, March 19, 2009

40th Birthday Giveaway!

The snow is melting; the robins have returned; buds are coming out on the trees; the spring bulbs are up...spring is definitely here...and my 40th birthday is a week from today. I am thankful to have made it through the long winter. I'm thankful for my dear husband and sweet children. I'm thankful for my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I'm thankful for my health and home. I'm thankful for another year of life. I'm thankful for an outlet to express my creativity with my glass bead business (and I'm thankful for Lollishops, too!). I'm thankful for you all, dear blog readers. There really is so much to be thankful for. In remembrance of the Bible verse from Acts 20:35, "...remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said, It is more blessed to give than to receive", as an expression of thanksgiving, and to celebrate my birthday, I have decided to give away what you see pictured above. Included in the birthday giveaway is a pretty hankie with pink tatting stitched around the edge, a pendant with light pink milk glass and a bright pink Swarovski crystal butterfly stitched and placed into a silver tone setting, and a large (it is one of those big ones!), rose-strewn, Roy Kirkham "Garden Rose" teacup and saucer. To enter simply leave a comment. If you blog about this giveaway, leave another comment after you do (I will be checking!) and you will have another chance to win. Chances to enter will be closed March 26 at 10:00 p.m. Thanks for entering!

Winter Basics & Baubles Swap Box Received

My Winter Basics & Baubles swap box (swap hosted by Heidi of Foxgloves and Folly) was sent to Beth a while back (hope she liked it...I really wanted to keep the sparkly bracelet I sent her!--sorry, I didn't take any pictures) of Rambling Gal, and I received mine from her yesterday. I wasn't having a very good day, and it was such a blessing to find a little box sitting on our doorstep when we got home from the kids' violin lessons. I really needed it! We were to send some kitchen basics to our swap partner (i.e. towels, small gadgets, etc.) and a piece of "bling" to wear. Here are pictures of what Beth sent--monogrammed napkins and a cup, Twinkle candy lollipops (the kids want them...but so do I!), yummy soap and air freshener from Bath and Body Works, and the bling?...a sparkly snowflake pendant. I love snowflakes--and how apprpriate for a winter "bling." Thanks, Beth!

Monday, March 16, 2009

New Lollishops Home Page

There's no doubt about it...Sadie has outdone herself again! The Lollishops home page has an all new look--there is a recently uploaded area (wish I'd waited on those things this past weekend!), a featured vendor area, and a "handpicked" area featuring 12 different vendors' items all on a certain theme. It really looks great, and if I'm tickled about it, I know you will be too. Check it out at

Friday, March 13, 2009

Crown for a Princess or Queen

I really love crowns. I remember as a child my family subscribed to the kid's version of National Geographic for my brother and me to enjoy (I can't remember the name of it--it will come to me eventually). Anyway, they had a small spread about the royal jewels of England and Russia. Talk about beautiful! I was smitten! Little did I know that years later I'd be able to view the crown jewels in London. Such sparkle! They were breathtaking! Well, all that to say that I've finally stitched up a little crown charm which I'll place probably today on my eCrater site. It features mirrored glass tube beads, glass "pearl" beads, and three Swarovski crystal "emerald" beads--perfect for the princess or queen to clip onto a zipper, purse, button hole, etc. Although the background looks a little green here for some reason, it is actually stitched onto an off-white background. It really glitters in the light. I hope you're smitten too. ; )

Romantic Homes Magazine Ad

The proof is done, and the ad is off to press. My dear husband allowed me to be a part of Lollishops' first ad in Romantic Homes magazine. I have been on a tight budget with my little bead business--a very tight budget--and couldn't swing any of the other ad opportunities offered by Sadie, though tempting as they were. BUT, as dear as he is, my husband saw the value in being part of the co-op ad for this magazine; we had enough extra for the ad; and we agreed this would be a wise use of money. Besides, Sadie made it all very tempting with such a great deal for each vendor (thanks, Sadie, again for the opportunity!). I've enjoyed Romantic Homes for years and years. It has undergone many editors and changes over the years. It took on sort of a "modern romantic" feel with the most recent editor when she came on several years back, and although it was hard to accept at first, I stuck it out and have grown to really enjoy the magazine once again. The ad comes out in June's issue, and I'm so excited. It looks great! Check out what the Lollishops ad will look like here>>>>>> What do you think? Can you find me in the ad?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Let's Sip Cake!

This month I turn another page in my life's book...another chapter, perhaps...when I hit 40. I'm trying to feel positive about it since I've been told by my sister-in-law who turned 40 two years ago that 40 is the new 30. Well, regardless, I can't stop it, so I might as well be brave and embrace it and move on. Just where does time go, anyway? Anyway, my family on the in-law side celebrated my birthday this past weekend (along with a few others in the family who have birthdays around this time of year), but, bless their hearts, they made it extra special for me. Many, many loving hugs and heaps of thanks to them. I had previously told my husband that if I found one of those gravestone cakes with my name on it at the party I'd refuse to acknowledge it and would undoubtedly cry which he responded, "I've already taken care of that." Isn't he wonderful? Anyway, when I arrived at the gathering, the cake pictured above was on the counter. How delightful! How thoughtful! How could I have doubted my dear sisters-in-law that they'd give me a gravestone cake? A friend of one of my sisters-in-law made it (sorry, I haven't a name or I'd give the proper credit here). I hesitated when the time came to cut it since it was so pretty, but when else does one have the opportunity to sip her cake? Mmmmmm, perhaps turning 40 isn't so bad after all.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Peaches 'n Cream Brooch

With my mind wandering to longer days and warmer temperatures and sweet fruits and veggies freshly picked, I just finished this brooch and added it to my Lollishop. I reminds me of old fashioned, summertime peaches and cream...thus the name! It has warm peach glass beads--some light, some darker, some swirled with clear glass. I also transferred a "Red Hat" inspired charm from my eCrater shop to the Lollishops shop.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"Pleasant words..."

Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones. (Proverbs 16:24) Who would ever think that a few pleasant words given to someone could have such impact! There have been times when someone has said or written something unpleasant to me that affected me for days afterward. It bothers me terribly when someone is unkind as I'm sure it does many people. Some can shrug things off easier than others, and I wish I were more that way. It also makes me think of how I have been, am, and should be towards others. Sometimes burdens in life can get a person down a bit--sickness comes, bills arrive that are twice what you thought, the car breaks down, someone close gets cancer, etc.--you know how it is. There are many people out there with many burdens. There are studies that prove that increased stress and difficulties negatively affects one's health. I know what a blessing it has been the many times people, some I barely know, offered me a pleasant word. Those little kindnesses were indeed "sweet" to me and put a smile on my face and a ray of sunshine in my heart. Some of those people are you, dear blog readers, who have left a kind and encouraging comment on one of my posts. Thank you so very, very much. You have been the inspiration for this post. You have given a bit of sweetness and perhaps a healthier day to me, have given me inspiration to seek the verse above, and encouraged me to remember the verse and try to offer pleasant words to others each day.