Thursday, March 19, 2009

Winter Basics & Baubles Swap Box Received

My Winter Basics & Baubles swap box (swap hosted by Heidi of Foxgloves and Folly) was sent to Beth a while back (hope she liked it...I really wanted to keep the sparkly bracelet I sent her!--sorry, I didn't take any pictures) of Rambling Gal, and I received mine from her yesterday. I wasn't having a very good day, and it was such a blessing to find a little box sitting on our doorstep when we got home from the kids' violin lessons. I really needed it! We were to send some kitchen basics to our swap partner (i.e. towels, small gadgets, etc.) and a piece of "bling" to wear. Here are pictures of what Beth sent--monogrammed napkins and a cup, Twinkle candy lollipops (the kids want them...but so do I!), yummy soap and air freshener from Bath and Body Works, and the bling?...a sparkly snowflake pendant. I love snowflakes--and how apprpriate for a winter "bling." Thanks, Beth!

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the wild raspberry said...

these swaps look really fun....i'll have to try one sometime!
have a lovely day.