Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gramma's Purse Brooch

I've been somewhat in a creative slump lately. Partly I think it's because of a slowness in sales--who wants to create if no one wants what you create? Anyway, I've had this purse on my mind for awhile, and yesterday had a little time to work away at it. It was fun, of course, since creating is almost always fun. I'm pleased with how it came out. It has been posted on my Lollishop already ( It has a little brass "clasp" (but the purse doesn't open) to which I stitched a dark blue bag. The bag is embellished with pink, green, and "pearl" glass seed beads and a chain.
I also redid all of my pictures to "lighten" the look for spring since the books--I really do like the books--unfortunately look a little dark and autumn/winterish. I can't say that I'm totally happy with how they turned out, but they will have to do for now. Thanks for reading my post!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Posies, Pearls, and Palette at Lollishops

How exciting it was to find out I was the winner of Brook's "All Dolled Up" giveaway. Her blog is The Red Chair Studio (at this point I can't figure out how to "follow" her "Typepad" blog). Her lovely Lollishop is Posies, Pearls, and Palette. Her giveaway item was this adorable little pillow. I happen to think that the front is equally as delightful as the back and can't decide which side to display! She also sent along a little surprise gift--a sweet, springy door hanger complete with flower button and bumblebee stitched on it. Color combinations are really important to me--they absolutely must go well together--and I dare say that Brook has an incredible knack with colors.
On both items the colors she matched and put together were perfectly and beautifully matched. I am quite impressed! Please check out her Lollishop and her blog to view her lovelies! Thanks again, Brook!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

French Garden Gate

I love baths and am very blessed with a wonderful bathtub. It is big and sits in a corner of our bathroom. A window is on the left (frosted I might add!), a tall blank wall is at the foot and head, and a blank, 2/3 wall is on the right. There is enough room to look out into the rest of the bathroom. I truly feel as if I am in a secluded haven whenever I take a bath. Sometimes I light candles. Sometimes I use bubbles. Just the trickle of the water coming from the faucet is soothing, and I truly feel secluded, quiet, and peaceful there. *Ahhh* I have posted in the past about the small garden gates I placed on the window sill. I am still working on finding just the right glass beads, etc. to put on that, so I will post about that another time. However, I found this metal gate to put on one of the blank walls. They were just too tall and blank! I chose the wall at my feet to decorate first because, well, I wanted something pleasant to look at while in my little haven. I bought this gate at Hobby Lobby. It is roughly 2 feet wide and 2-1/2 feet tall and is quite sturdy since it is solid metal. I spray painted it a dark, mossy green to match the other colors in my bathroom and twisted raspberry-colored beads on metal wires around it to give the impression of growing flowers on vines. I am quite pleased with this French garden gate and how it transforms me to another peaceful land, another beautiful place while soaking in my hot bath.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

If You Like Jewelry and Want to Be Proactive...

Would you be interested in taking industry surveys and have the chance to win incredible jewelry in the process? I think I'm really a frustrated jeweler. Thankfully I have the outlet I do with my little business...but gems and jewelry just fascinate me. I don't actually want it all...I just enjoy looking at it. Anyway, about 2 years ago I signed up with the Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council to participate in industry surveys. They are free and most fun. I have the opportunity to voice my opinion on trends, names, fashions, etc. in the jewelry industry. I also have the chance with each survey to win fabulous jewelery prizes. I have not won a prize yet, but the surveys are fun and the "hope" of winning keeps me going. This is NOT a scam. This is NOT invasive (I never do and don't have to fill in the button saying what my family brings in for income). People DO win/earn fabulous jewelry prizes--drawings are held every other month and are worth from hundreds to over a thousand dollars (we can see pictures of the people who win along with their new bling), and we are given reports on the results of our survey answers.

Those who participate in the surveys (me!) are encouraged to give e-mail addresses to the JCOC so that they may in turn e-mail these people with an invitation to participate in their surveys. Other than my mom (*love you, Mom*) I would not give anyone's address to the JCOC without asking first. So....if you are interested in participating in these free surveys for the chance to win beautiful jewelry and are willing for JCOC to send you an invitation to participate, please e-mail me at and just put "JCOC" in the "RE" bar and I will put your address on the list to receive an e-mail from JCOC. You may visit their website for more information at, i
f five people sign up who I refer, I actually receive a gift from the JCOC and would really appreciate it if I could refer you. I hope many would like to do this since it is great fun. I look forward to hearing from you, thanks!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Springtime Cupcakes

I needed to provide the treats for a ladies' meeting at our church last night. I know it is only February, but since I'm just too eager for spring to come, I decided to make some springtime cupcakes. They needed to be yummy, pretty, perky, and flowery, I decided. First, I started with a "confetti' cake mix so each bite would reveal pretty color.
Then I used fluffy white frosting and put a thick layer on each cupcake.
Then to make the flowers I used gumdrops. I first put a nice pile of sugar on the waxed paper since they are so sticky especially the more you work with them!
I started rolling them with a rolling pin but soon realized that simply squishing them with my clean, sugared fingers worked better than than rolling pin which the gumdrops liked to stick to.I cut the flowers and leaves out with little fondant cutters, but you could use any small cookie/canape cutters that you have. I had to poke each flower and leaf out of the cutter with a knife despite the sugar, but it worked out just fine.
I ran out of time and resources for the centers of the flowers...but I thought they really should have a center of some sort. Little silver dots or candies (had neither on hand) or even piped frosting (no time) would have looked better, but I used a toothpick and some leftover frosting to add little centers. The possibilities are endless with gumdrops, frosting, different sized cutters, and a little time to make pretty cupcakes. Try them for yourself for a springtime tea, church ladies activity, shower, or other activity where the treat should look lovely.

Lovely Necklace Received

Although I didn't have a whole lot of time to participate in other's parties, the Lollishops' "All Dolled Up" party was great fun. Sadie of won my charm which has since been mailed off. I won a lovely 1928 necklace from Karen at (you may see a picture of the pretty necklace on her blog). I received it yesterday in the mail, and it is gorgeous. Thank you, Karen! While you are at it check out what these ladies have to offer in their shops which are listed on their blogs.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What DO you do with a charm anyway?

One of the items I enjoy making is the charm. They are small and pretty and delicate and affordable among other qualities. Most people think, "Charm=Charm Bracelet" and that's very true...BUT there are many other things one can do with charm.
Below I will list a few ideas:
1. Turn the charm into a pendant
2. Tie charm onto a teacup handle (check out the "All Dolled Up" post for the picture) with pretty organza ribbon for bridal shower or tea party favors
3. Attach a lanyard clip and clip onto, well, anything...a cell phone, a purse, belt loop, etc.
4. Use that lanyard clip and attach to a zippered sweater for a sparkly accent
5. Dress up a present by tying the charm onto the bow
6. Put on a silk cord and use as a bookmark
7. Attach to a ribbon and tie around a napkin for a napkin ring/gift for your dinner friends
What are your ideas? I'd love to hear them!

Monday, February 16, 2009

The All Dolled Up Charm Winner Is....

...Sadie Lou that's who! Congratulations, Sadie! Your name was chosen via Can you tell me the name of the hidden item? Thank you to everyone who came to the party and participated.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Lollishops All Dolled Up Party

This is a Valentine's Day progressive blog party featuring Lollishops vendors. Fabulous giveaways will be offered during this event. You will find a list of all the participating vendors on the Itty Bitty Birdie blog.
Here are the rules:
1. Visit each blog listed on the Itty Bitty Birdie blog.
2. Find the "All Dolled Up" picture on each blog. In each vendor's picture is something from that vendor's Lollishop (go ahead and look at the vendor's shop to make sure you found the right thing).
3. Make a comment under the doll-themed post at each blog saying "I found it!" (make sure we know who you are in case you win).
4. If you win, you must tell the vendor what it was that you found in their picture.
5. Oh, check out the Lollishops blog too--a gift basket is up for grabs and a TREASURE HUNT too!
Above is my doll (it was my grandmother's) having a Valentine's Day tea party. Look closely at what she is wearing then check out my shop at to see the item from my shop that I have hidden in the doll picture. Leave a comment below saying "I found it!" and a way to get a hold of you.
On the teacup picture above is the charm that I will be giving away to whoever tells me "I found it!" and whose name I draw. (Sorry, the giveaway is for the charm only!) The charm features a delicate, milky, light pink glass bead flower beside small iridescent white glass bead flowers and glass olive drop beads. Best wishes to everyone. Have fun!

Romancing the Swap Charms--They're Here!

They are here--the charms made for the Romancing the Charm Swap sponsored by Trish of The Tattered Rose (check out her blog). The charms were to have a Valentine theme (which was very open to interpretation) hence the haste in getting this post up before tomorrow. Mine are not included in the picture, but, of course, you have already seen them in an earlier post about this swap. Charms were made of soda tops, a butterfly wing, beads, felt, paper, fabric, metal, wood, clay, string,...I'm sure I left something out--AMAZING! Each creator is amazing and creative with great ideas! I hope I'm not spoiling it for those who might not have received theirs yet. I have been looking forward to today for many weeks. This was a fun swap to create for, and it was equally as fun (if not more so) to actually get the charms in the mail. Many, many heartfelt thanks to those who worked hard and contributed to this. I tried to personally thank each person but some I could not get an e-mail through to--Bobbi, Kelley, and Barb, for instance. I really like the charms and will enjoy them. Many thanks again to Trish and to each person who contributed. Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cupcake Extravaganza Winner

The Cupcake Extravaganza hosted by Mammalicious Finds is now over, and we have a winner of the cupcake brooch! The winner is Mary Beth and here is her blog>>>> I will send out your brooch probably today. As for everyone else who entered...I'm so sorry you did not win (I truly wish I could give each of you one) and THANK YOU very much for your kind and helpful comments. I treasure each one and really learn from what people have to say. Many thanks also to Amy at Mammalicious Finds for hosting this. It has been such a fun can anything dealing with cupcakes NOT be fun?!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Catnip Studios--Lovelies Just for Participating!

Check out these darling butterfly tags from Kathy at Catnip Studios. She hosted a giveaway, and although I was not a major winner (*sad*), she sent a little treat to the rest of us just for participating (*very happy*). Wow, now how many people do that? How very kind! Thank you, Kathy! DO check out her shop at Her things are truly beautiful. I like flowery, feminine things, and hers definitely fit that description. Besides, I think "spring" when I look at her shop (aren't we all in the mood for spring?) Thanks again, Kathy!

Little Tokens of Love--The Valentine I Received

I have already blogged below about what I sent to my "Little Tokens of Love" Valentine Swap partner...and here***drumroll, please***is the Valentine I received from Emily of Edge Gallery. It is a light-weight, paper heart that is painted in many beautiful shades but predominantly gold, red, and sky blue. Thank you so much, Emily, for taking the time to create this for me!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Do you want to win a Cupcake Brooch?

I made this brooch especially for the fabulous and fun Mammalicious Finds Cupcake Extravaganza. My brooch is being featured today. Please stop by their website to enter if you are interested in winning the brooch. While there, please check out the other adorable cupcake-themed items being offered as well.

Noelle Garrett Designs--My First Lollishop Purchase

My first experience buying something from a Lollishops vendor was fun, easy, and a great experience! One of my sisters-in-law is a music teacher, so I looked up "music" in the search part of the Lollishops front page. I scrolled through a few pages looking at many pretty things relating to music and came upon these file folders on the Noelle Garrett Designs page>> Bingo! Perfect for a music teacher! I wanted to buy them before someone else did. When I hit the "add to cart" button, I went to the website of these designers (through some vendors you go straight to Paypal) then proceeded on to making the payment. I at first thought that shipping was a little too high, but wanting the folders I bought them anyway. THEN, they REFUNDED me a big amount of the shipping cost because they didn't NEED all the shipping money once they figured it all up. KUDOS! When I received my package, it was prettily wrapped (notice brown wrap with light brown bow in picture) which you know really appeals to me and included a nice thank you note, a coupon for a percentage off my next purchase, and a little gift! Now, I'm not sure if they will include these things with all their purchases (we should never EXPECT little gifts, now should we), but I was QUITE impressed! I was delighted, and I'm sure my sister-in-law will be too. Thank you ladies for the nice experience!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Romantic Homes Survey...

...and I'm putting "Lollishops" and/or Sadie down for #6! Well, I figure, "Why not?" The last two issues of Romanitc Homes magazine have a survey for readers to fill out. Number 6 asks, "What would you like to see in a future editorial feature?" I put--an article on Lollishops ( or Sadie who started it. Perhaps if many people did the same thing, the editors just might look into it. Just a thought! *wink*

"Little Tokens of Love" Swap--What I Made!

The Prim and Whimsy s--Sweet B and Jeanne--hosted a fun, sweet Valentine "Little Tokens of Love" Swap. My swap partner was Emily of Edge Gallery (adorable artwork!). We were supposed to make a Valentine that would could fit into a 5"x5" box and no bigger. So, I decided to decorate a Valentine AND a box, "Why not?" I said to myself. I had the greatest fun. It reminded me of when I was a young child. I had a snow day from school. It was snowing furiously outside, and I sat at our kitchen table for much of the day making Valentines (which I usually did growing up). Thankfully Mom had all the stuff available so that I stayed busy that snowy day. Anyway, here are the pictures. Emily has received her Valentine, so no surprises will be spoiled by my post. On the Valentine itself I put a little envelope (I love multi-layered things that contain little treats) and, of course, put a little charm inside the envelope as a special treat for Emily.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Thrill of the Hunt--Collections!

I have several collections, and this tea strainer collection is one of the them (my other collections have and will come in other posts). It isn't exactly a huge collection right now, but each piece is special to me. When I collect something I have my own little rules I've made for myself, some of which are 1) it HAS to look great/pretty/classy, 2) can't be too pricey, 3) must look good grouped together, and 4) absolutely MUST "speak to me". So, this collection is small and particular, but I'm thrilled with the discoveries thus far (and I'm certainly keeping my eye out for more only in different shapes, sizes, etc.). I love tea and little houses and hearts, so these are perfectly suited to what I enjoy. My husband is convinced that I'm part raccoon because I think it is great fun being on AND I am always on a hunt for something at all times...the quest...the thrill of hunting, you know how it is, and I will scavenge just about anywhere to find what I like (as long as there is a little extra cash to actually BUY what I find if I look in a shop). What do you collect? I'd love to hear about it. ; )