Sunday, February 26, 2012

Felt and Bead Heart Pins

Been playing with pretty beads and felt and finished these two heart shaped pins this weekend.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Springtime Giveaway Jubilee

Sarah at Hope in Every Season is having a Spring Giveaway Jubilee starting on March 1.  You may either simply enter all the giveaways or further participate by actually giving something away yourself.  Why not join the fun?  The more people who participate in the giveaway part the merrier.  I'll be working on something this weekend to give--something spring, I'm thinking, like since I'm very ready for springtime.  Hope on over to Sarah's blog (links above) for all the details.

Snowy Morning

Well, I certainly can't complain.  It has been a fabulous winter.  It has been nice not to have to be concerned about traveling on slippery roads and shoveling.  We woke up to this this morning.  It has been brown outside mostly, and this heavy, wet snow has given the trees and ground a sugary white coating.  Better yet, I can enjoy the whiteness and know that it won't last long.  Spring really is just around the corner. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012


This hasn't been an overly productive week as far as creating goes--although I have finished some pretty sets of pushpins that I'll take pictures of and list today.  I've mainly worked on organizing my workspace.  Sometimes I get creating, and at the end of the day it looks like a whirlwind swept through my little work room.  Well, multiply that "end of the day" times two get the picture.

I've acquired many strands of vintage beads.  The really pretty sets in good condition I've listed in my Etsy shop and have sold.  Other strands are beautiful, yes, but I don't think they will sell really.  I thought of selling them as a big lot, but decided to keep them for future projects (like more wreaths).  They needed a place to be kept organized and clean. I decided to store them into one of my old sewing machine drawers.  The drawer keeps them visible and untangled...and I love the drawer.  I'm working on finding some other pretty container for my pearl strands (and bits of strands).  I'll keep organizing this week while creating a thing or two on the side. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Better Late Than Never....

Happy "Heart" Day to all.  This was stitched by a dear new friend and given to me in a swap.  Thank you, April; I hope you had a great day, too.


Well, ever since a lady wrote to me on Etsy saying she saw one of my items on Pinterest and came to my shop for a look around, I've been a little curious about it.  It sounds interesting, so I've decided to sign up.  It has been fun "pinning" some of my favorite things and pictures.  I'm remembering many of the pretty things I've seen in the past and wish they were still around (or wishing I could still find them) to "pin"...but...there will be others and more.  If you are signed up and would like to follow me, feel free to click on my link to the right....then let me know.  I'd love to find others to follow with like interests.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Where Have I Been?

Have you seen this magazine--Vintage & Victorian?  I was in line at the grocery store a few weeks back and saw this.  Okay, I've never seen this magazine before.  Hopefully it isn't a one-time print...and hopefully I haven't missed 20 past issues.  I finally started having the time to read through it last week and am greatly enjoying it (nice with a hot cup of tea).  I love looking through magazines like this for inspiration, ideas, styles, and trends.  It certainly has a nice mix of things that I personally greatly enjoy.  There seems to be little on line about it...just wondering if any of you know much about it or have enjoyed any in the past.  Anyway, I'll keep looking out for others if they appear.  It certainly is a great find.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Well, I've decided to give Twitter a try.  Do any of you tweet?  Do you like it?  My button is available to the right if you'd like to check it out.