Monday, February 13, 2012

Where Have I Been?

Have you seen this magazine--Vintage & Victorian?  I was in line at the grocery store a few weeks back and saw this.  Okay, I've never seen this magazine before.  Hopefully it isn't a one-time print...and hopefully I haven't missed 20 past issues.  I finally started having the time to read through it last week and am greatly enjoying it (nice with a hot cup of tea).  I love looking through magazines like this for inspiration, ideas, styles, and trends.  It certainly has a nice mix of things that I personally greatly enjoy.  There seems to be little on line about it...just wondering if any of you know much about it or have enjoyed any in the past.  Anyway, I'll keep looking out for others if they appear.  It certainly is a great find.


Dreaming of Vintage said...

I just recently picked up the same issue, it is a really great magazine!

Floss said...

Oh, I'll look out for that one when I come to the UK next! Thanks for your comment - we're about to have a bunch of friends visiting, who will clear out all our biscuits, I'm sure!

Lynn B said...

I have not seen that magazine, so I will start looking. I was looking at them just last night, and picked up one called Vintage Style, which says premiere issue on the front.(not sure if that means 1st issue?) I really like that one. Joined your blog, and will visit you often. Hugs, Lynn