Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Good Reads for a Song

When I was quite young, my parents bought first my brother then me a subscription to World magazine, which was the children's version of National Geographic.  I really enjoyed it.  One issue I remember distinctly--it was an article (with lots of pictures, of course) of the crown jewels of England and a few other countries.  I loved that issue!  I thought those sparkles were just gorgeous and wore that issue out. Right then and there my interest began in sparkles of every kind truly began.  It's not that I want them all, but it is just pleasant to look at them and enjoy their beauty and design.  The Crown Jewels book my Mom and I both went for at the same time at a yard sale--it was 50 cents.  I let her have it knowing I could read it whenever I wished (thanks, Mom).  The other book I bought at an antique mall intending it for a gift for someone but just couldn't give it up.  They are full of information and gorgeous, inspiring pictures.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

500th Post Giveaway

Well, it's my 500th post.  Hard to believe.  Here I thought when I first began blogging that I wouldn't have anything to say and that no one would be interested enough to read whatever it was that I said!  Many, many thanks to my followers and those of you who come by to see what I've been up to and for all of you who take the time to leave a comment.  I so appreciate it!  So.... a "thank you", I've decided to give everyone who enters below a chance to win this sweet little perfume bottle embellished with an ever-so-light-pink blossom vintage jewelry piece.   
International friends are welcome to participate.  I will randomly choose a winner sometime in the evening on July 2, so comments must be made before 6:00 p.m. CST July 2.  1) You must leave one comment below telling me what type of item you like best from my shop (i.e.vintage jewelry, perfume bottle, thumbtacks, beaded brooch, vintage image things, etc.)  Please visit my Etsy shop--Glassbeadtreasures--to help you decide. If someone does not tell me what type of item they like best, unfortunately that person will be disqualified. 2) If you would like a second entry chance, you may blog (feel free to use one of the two pictures above) about it then come back and leave a comment with the link to your blog post.  That's it! Thank you again to everyone!

Friday, June 24, 2011


....yummy, yummy strawberries!  The strawberries have been behind this year due to the weather this past spring.  I thought we'd get out while we could.  It was cool, breezy, and it hadn't rained for many hours (a rare thing lately here in the Midwest).  They are small but sweet and yummy.  I've already made one batch of freezer jam already, and tonight we had Breyers vanilla bean ice cream with cut strawberries on them.  Yum!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

For a Jeweled Garden Party

It took me a little while to think this through and complete, but it is finally done.  I had always wanted to embellish something like a purse.  It was hard to find the right purse first of all.  This one came the closest to what I had in mind.  It is faux black leather and has a great surface.  Then, it was fun planning out what it would look like.  The things that sealed it for me what it should look like are the pieces of a necklace that I thought looked like clouds.  Then, I decided to have a garden full of glittering flowers below.  There is a bright yellow sun in the sky, a rhinestone butterfly, and some birds above a next full of blue eggs.  I've listed it in my Etsy shop if you'd like to see other pictures of it.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Little Teaser for Deb

Sent off Deb's (of Garage Sale Gal) swap box today as part of the Bloggerette Sorority's "Summertime Matchbox Swap."  Here is a little, itty, bitty teaser of what her box is like.  I hope she likes what's inside.  I'll do a full post with pictures once I know she has it.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Vintage Image Fish Thumbtacks/Push Pins

I had great fun collecting the vintage pieces to make these vintage image thumbtacks/push pins. I made a set for hubby for the bulletin board at his desk at work...sneaked them into his lunch bag for a surprise. He liked them! I'm pleased with how they have turned out and have listed this set in my Etsy shop...would be a great Father's Day present.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Box of Rhinestones

Mom and I have our favorite local places we like to go to find vintage treasures. We make our circuit once a week or so depending on what is going on and, yes, how much money we have to spend. Sometimes these places have things...and sometimes not, but we enjoy looking just to see if something pretty is sitting there just waiting for us...the "thrill of the hunt", you know. Well, yesterday we went to one of these places, and the lady had just been there and had put out for sale many new things. We were so excited! We had a wonderful time looking through her newest offerings and came away with quite a stash. One such thing was this box of rhinestones--most of them vintage--for only $8! How could I resist? We had a great time pouring over all of the pretty sparkles--many in very good shape. There were different kinds, shapes, and colors--but all are pretty and will be quite useful.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Roses in Bloom

I love this time of year when the roses start to really bloom. I pruned most of my bushes this spring--scaring a few with my unstoppable clipping perhaps. They look a little small...but I know they will be full and pretty soon. So far so good as far as the tent caterpillars go this year. They have been terrible the past few years eating my bushes down to the stalks. We are prepared this year....and are determined not to lose any bushes to them and their incredible destruction.

This is what the roses from my huge bush out back look like up close--they are rugosas. Though they are not the fancy kind but are hearty and fragrant and beautiful.This is what we see from our deck. We have a lot that extends a good distance in from the road. Mom brought literally a stick about a foot long to us from Maine about 4 years ago. It was October, and I wasn't sure it would survive. I planted it with banana peels and so hoped that it would make it since it was something from Maine and reminds me of the salt mist roses seen along the coast--a wonderful remembrance of growing up there. Well, not only did it survive, but it has flourished into this huge bush taller than I am. It smells wonderful, is hearty, and I just love the mass of green covered with pink. What a delight to look out back and see this...and I bet you can almost smell them!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Chains...A Help When Gluing

Here's a little crafting tip: I do a lot of gluing and have found chains to be one of the most valuable helpers in my creating area. I discovered this after buying a stash of treasures in which were a bunch of chains--something I don't normally use. I put the chains aside in this tray to try to figure out what to do with them. One day I was gluing something and needed to set the item in something secure so that it would dry and not move....yes, those useless chains right then become quite useful. The chains conform to the shape of the item to hold it securely in place. Thankfully chains can be found inexpensively at any yard sale or thrift shop, and if you do a great deal of gluing, I'd recommend using them.