Saturday, October 31, 2009

Two New Brooches

I listed two new brooches today. They can be seen on either my Lollishop shop or on Etsy. I finally got them done (especially the purse one). It took long enough! I was able to order more findings and such this past week, so I'm set and ready to go to create AND finish my projects. No excuses now for not having enough materials. I'm going to start working on a little brass box next. Keep an eye out--I'll post about it here when its done.

Friday, October 30, 2009

How did he know?

I'm convinced spouses have special radar within them...each just KNOWS something is going on with the other--without a word spoken or even without seeing them. How did my sweet husband know yesterday was trying? How did he know that homeschooling was a challenge yesterday? and that not one but two violin strings would break before practice? How did he know that some other things were a bit over the top and I was somewhat frazzled? Well, he came home with a grin, a hug, and these. *sigh* I just love him! ; )

Thursday, October 29, 2009

And the Press Kit Winner Is....

...Pauline of Swept and Garnished! Thank you--all of you--for entering and for your kind comments. It was even wonderful to meet some new people--Malina and Susan. I'm so glad that you stopped by. Congratulations, Pauline. I hope to get your gift off to you shortly.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Don'f Forget to Enter my Giveaway...

...there are only a couple of days left to enter for my Silver Bella 2009 press kit. Click on the picture/link to the right of this to take you where to go to enter.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Giveaway Goodies from Zany Mayd...

...just thought I'd share with you the fun goodies Cheryl from Zany Mayd sent. I'm just tickled pink with each item. First are little trading cards with beautiful roses on them.
Next are tiny little boxes just beckoning to be made into something. Looks like they originally held little watch parts or something.
Then there are Bible verse cards...the ones that are small enough to put by the bathroom mirror or the kitchen sink so that the verse can be worked on and memorized throughout the day.
Next is a beautiful old box with small, glass vials in it. The box is old and lovely. Some of the vials hold little bitty parts--watch parts perhaps.
I love the old children's Sunday school papers--lessons to give to children but for all ages.
Finally, there is another beautiful little box with more tiny brass bits in it (again, could be watch bits). It's gorgeous!
I'm overwhelmed with such a nice giveaway. It inspires me in many different ways, and I will enjoy each bit. Thank you, Cheryl! She is hosting another giveaway. Why not check out her blog, Zany Mayd, to see what she is offering next.

Many Thanks, Afi !

Afi created this lovely, colorful treasury on Etsy's Treasury West. The brooch of mine that she featured sold! Thank you, Afi! Check out the treasury which expires soon here>>>Color Burst. While you're at it, check out Afi's very adorable clay creations on her Etsy shop (I've put one of her creations in one of MY treasuries in the past), Joojoo Land and her lovely blog, All About Joojoo.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

God's Word (the Bible) is....

....1) As cleansing to our minds like water--- "Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? by taking heed thereto according to thy word." (Psalm 119:9)
....2) More valuable than the greatest treasures---"I have rejoiced in the way of thy testimonies, as much as in all riches." (Psalm 119:14)

....3) Uplifting like a song---"Thy statutes have been my songs in the house of my pilgrimage." (Psalm 119:54)
....4) As comforting and calming as a counselor---"This is my comfort in my affliction: for thy word hath quickened me. " (Psalm 119:50)
....5) As sweet as honey---"How sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth! " (Psalm 119:103)
....6) A helpful light to us to shine our way in life--"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. " (Psalm 119:105)

This was the message I heard this morning in church. These were excellent points, I thought, from the psalmist of Psalm 119 who wrote the entire passage continually referring to God's Word. I hope these points and especially the corresponding scripture will be a blessing and encouragement to you--as they have been to me--to not forget to read the Bible.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tatting--An Estate Sale Find

As promised, I'm showing you some of my estate sale finds. In two boxes I paid very little for, I received some beautiful, long pieces of tatting. Apparently the lady who had died did a great deal of tatting, and her children did not want it. Pretty tatted doilies or the gentle tatted edge of a handkerchief can certainly be lovely. I'm not sure how old this work is nor what this lady had intended all of her work to go toward--perhaps the edges of pillows or table runners or cuffs. These are just two examples of the colors and detail of what I found--there are several others that I haven't taken pictures of. These just happen to be what I'm selling on Ebay this weekend. I'm not really into tatting--especially this wide. I suppose if they do not sell, I could find some pillows or table runners of my own to stitch these on. I have never done tatting but having done several types of needlework in the past, I can really appreciate all the work that must have gone into these. Any needle work takes time and patience, and I respect the lady who did all of this. Handwork can be exquisite--tiny works of art--and she has my highest regard. I truly hope it can be used, enjoyed, and appreciated by someone or by many.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Colorful Little Birds Treasury

I had the greatest fun creating this Etsy Treasury featuring colorful little fact, that's the name of it if you'd like to click the link to check it out for yourself>>Colorful Little Birds.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Would you put a small ad on your blog?

Would you perhaps like to earn a little bit of money? May I draw your attention to the little ad (about Christian Counseling Degrees) on the right just below the bouquet of flowers under the blog archive. I have agreed to keep that little ad on my blog for one year...and because of this I have earned $65 deposited into my Paypal account. No pay per clicks. Easy. Too easy, you say. Well, I heard about this legitimate advertising company a year ago through Sadie on the Lollishops forum. I've had two ads similar to this on my blog for the past year which have now expired. When those were posted and verified, I received $200 for both of them. This year, I recontacted the same lady, Amethyst, and she had the before-mentioned ad available that was compatible and suitable for my blog (only one ad per blog is allowable this year). I have no idea what the exact criteria is for being chosen--it could be number of followers, number of clicks per day, subject matter on your blog, or number of posts per month. I can't guarantee you will chosen nor what the link will be nor what the amount that you receive will be if your blog is chosen nor if she will answer...BUT, Amethyst wrote me this morning that she has more links for blogs. I told her I'd spread the word...and that's what I'm doing now. Getting a little extra money is a big blessing to me, and I hope you will be able to receive a little blessing as well. What could popping off an email hurt? It could actually help. Just send a request for an ad link on your blog along with your blog address to Amethyst at Tell them I send you if you'd like....and then come back to let me know if you if it works out for you.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Silver Bella 2009 Press Kits...and Giveaway!

I worked hard to get my press kits done for Silver Bella 2009 and out to Sadie of Lollishops before my company arrived. She has graciously offered Lollishops vendors the opportunity to create 10 press kits to be handed out at the event (Check out some of the other vendor press kits on the Lollishops blog at Thanks, Sadie! I had really wanted to do this last year but wasn't in on the opportunity in time. Also, I've wanted to post about this earlier, but, alas, computer problems prevented that.

Anyway, here are pictures that I took before shipping them off.
I made little origami purses (such fun to make once I figured them out--compliments of HGTV) out of black brocade paper then attached a chain and little turquoise jewel sticker for the "latch." On this I attached a purse pull (aka zipper pull or charm).
It is a pretty charm made of blue and white glass bead flowers and olive seed-bead "leaves" hand stitched onto a white material. I wanted the colors to coincide with the brooch colors and wanted the colors to be winter colors instead of Christmas. Winter colors of blue and white can be enjoyed the entire season (until March here in Wisconsin!) not just up until December 25, and, of course, the purse pull can be enjoyed year round.
Next is a vintage image pin of a wintry scene with a little house, iced-over pond, and sweet little birds. I've added ultra fine white "snow" glitter, silver leafing pen highlights, and ultra fine blue glitter for extra sparkle. Can a person have too much sparkle?
These pins were placed on a little feminine "collar" made out of the same brocade paper as the purse.
In the back of the kit, I placed my business card. I had wanted the pretty picture on the card to show but thought it wiser to put my information showing instead--then the pretty picture on the other side would be a little surprise.

I made 10 kits to send off to Sadie, but the good news is that I made 11 total so that I could give one away! If you are interested, simply make a comment below with your e-mail address so that I can contact you should you win. If you blog about this, make a separate comment, and I'll enter you again. (I'll be checking up on these just to make sure). A name will be drawn on October 29 sometime after noon time CST. Hope you like the kit! ; )

Back and Catching Up

Whew...I'm back and trying to catch up from the week. My company has all gone home *sad*. We had a great time with all, but it went by too quickly. It's amazing how empty a house feels when company leaves. We went to several estate sales and antique shops, so there have been some little treats found which I'll post more about later and inspiration for some more creations for my shops.

Our computer went down also during this time, and MANY thanks go to my dear brother-in-law, Dave, the computer guy in the family, who got things squared away last night. I can't believe how much I use this crazy computer during any given day, and when it breaks down, I pathetically am stumped on many levels.

An answer to prayer...we got a new camera! I had been praying for one, and one was given to us recently. Our other one decided to not work at all at times, and the timing was perfect to receive this new one. I'm still experimenting on how to use it and feel optimistic that my pictures will now improve.

One thing I'm very excited about is winning Cheryl's giveaway--you remember the one--the one with the absolutely gorgeous things in it that I blogged about a few weeks ago (the check it out but please don't enter one). I'm tickled pink and can't wait until it arrives. Thank you, Cheryl. She is hosting another giveaway...and besides she has a lovely blog to read if you haven't already visited at

I guess that catches you up on things for now. It's good to be back. There are more posts to come.

Friday, October 9, 2009

An Estate Sale Find...

...while estate sale shopping with my Mom. I love estate sales--especially junky ones. You can always find little bits of interesting things that people just want to get rid of and are giddy with delight that you'd take a box or two full of stuff off their hands. I don't have a lot of time to write, but wanted to post about one thing I found (perhaps others will come next week or after my visitors leave). This is a strip of vintage bead-work with the department store's name of where it came from--the J. I. Hudson Co.. It is just shy of two feet; apparently one of the flower/leaf ends duo was cut off the end. The beads are old because they are not all of uniform shape and size within the separate colors. I'm thinking of selling them on Ebay but haven't decided totally yet. These would look lovely on a vintage hat or dress. Enjoy!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Company Coming...New Listings...

...and I had to get them all in today before my company came. I will have only a few posts for the next two weeks because, well, I'll be busy with having people stay here. Check out my Lollishops shop and Etsy shop for what has been listed recently if you'd like. Here are a few pictures of what has been listed to whet your appetite.
P.S. Shhhhh...*whispering*...I have a giveaway coming don't forget about me totally.

New , Pretty, Floral Sides

Do you like them? I love all the gorgeous flowers and roses and found them at The Background Fairy...and they were even free! Some people are so kind and generous and talented--and they even share what they do with everyone. I so appreciate it! Since Bannersketch decided to remove the lace on the sides of my blog and instead put their ugly comments in little square boxes, I've had a terrible time replacing the sides with something pretty...until I discovered Karen. Thank you so much, Karen. You made my day...and my blog!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Honesty and Character

I've received 100's of spam e-mails this past week. I don't keep a spam filter on our email account because when we did this last we ended up not getting several very important emails. So, I methodically hit that delete button cleaning up all the clutter and junk (it's amazing the word "delete" hasn't rubbed off the button yet). Obviously people have had a great deal of fun selling and reselling our email try to catch us off get us to buy whatever junk we don't want or need...or worse yet to try to get information from us that they can use to their benefit and our detriment. Sometimes you wonder, "Is there ANYONE honest out there?"

Well, I found out that, yes, indeed, there are a few honest people with character still in the world. I had to go to the doctor's office for a rather stressful appointment, and inadvertently I left my wallet sitting there in the waiting room--the busy clinic's waiting room. Home I came...through the a ringing telephone. It was the receptionist at the clinic saying that my wallet was there. Someone had turned it in. Immediately my mind raced to the debit cards, credit card, drivers' license, bead shop punch card (okay, not really THAT card) that someone could have taken, copied, etc. Well, the receptionist said a lady saw it and turned it in. They didn't know/remember who she was because I asked hoping at the very least to thank her properly. Everything was there. No cards stolen. No problems with empty bank accounts (not that anyone would have gotten much). No headaches with trying to clear up my name on credit reports. I am so thankful--grateful beyond words--that in this world of scams and dishonesty, there was someone with character and honesty who did the right thing. I wish I could have thanked her--given her a little gift perhaps. I've prayed that in my stead the Lord will bless her with extra special blessings because He knows the entire situation and who was involved, and I know and trust that He will answer my prayer.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Check out this giveaway...

...but don't enter it! ; ) Okay, I guess that's why I'm supposed to blog about this giveaway, so that EVERYONE has a chance (and if I blog about it, I get three more entries--yippee!) But selfishly...VERY selfishly...I want to be the one to win it! What goodies! I'm drooling *drip, drip*. Please check out this lovely blog I've discovered only today...(on which is this gorgeous giveaway) Zany Mayd.