Monday, October 26, 2009

Giveaway Goodies from Zany Mayd...

...just thought I'd share with you the fun goodies Cheryl from Zany Mayd sent. I'm just tickled pink with each item. First are little trading cards with beautiful roses on them.
Next are tiny little boxes just beckoning to be made into something. Looks like they originally held little watch parts or something.
Then there are Bible verse cards...the ones that are small enough to put by the bathroom mirror or the kitchen sink so that the verse can be worked on and memorized throughout the day.
Next is a beautiful old box with small, glass vials in it. The box is old and lovely. Some of the vials hold little bitty parts--watch parts perhaps.
I love the old children's Sunday school papers--lessons to give to children but for all ages.
Finally, there is another beautiful little box with more tiny brass bits in it (again, could be watch bits). It's gorgeous!
I'm overwhelmed with such a nice giveaway. It inspires me in many different ways, and I will enjoy each bit. Thank you, Cheryl! She is hosting another giveaway. Why not check out her blog, Zany Mayd, to see what she is offering next.


Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

So Happy You are EnJoying..... Can't wait to see what Creations You Make.... I have had fun today, gathering from boxes all the Vintage Items for the NEXT Give-Away # 3 it has some Wonderful "STUFF" which Starts on the 1st.... Make sure You Stop Back by in early November to Enter~
Take Care

Unknown said...

WOW such great stuff!! Especially the Sunday school papers and those incredible vials!

How nice for you...

:) T

Maison Beldecor said...

Hello Michele,
thanks so much for your lovely words. You receive wonderful vintage goodies.
Have a great week!