Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vintage Greens Treasury

In honor of March beginning tomorrow and the hope of spring being just around the corner and loving all things vintage, I put together this treasury on Etsy yesterday afternoon. I hope you like it and stop by HERE to further check out the pretty things.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pretty New Flower Beads

As you know, I'm really trying to make a special effort to buy from fellow Etsy and Lollishop vendors. It can be hard for "the little guy" these days, and it's good to be supportive, if possible. Besides, I know how much I appreciate people buying from me. I found a bead supplier on Etsy--BobbiThisandThat, and these beautiful beads arrived in the mail today. Bobbi even sent me some "thank you" beads--the pretty ones in the middle. They are gorgeous. I'm pleased and can't wait to create with them. Thank you, Bobbi!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Lollishops Press Kit February Challenge

I have finished the Lollishops February Challenge--making 10 press kits for Jennifer Hayslip's (of Sweet Eye Candy Creations) event, Petticoats and Parasols.
My press kits are sort of simple really, but I suppose simple is not always a bad thing. I had fun and didn't stress out about them, so that is important. I decided this time to just make a vintage image pin instead of something beaded or with the addition of a beaded item. I needed to keep costs down a little bit.
I wanted to keep with Jennifer's theme, so used a new-to-me vintage image that I found recently. It really is perfect for the event. It features a lady (with petticoats showing) stepping off a carriage with the helping hand of a gentleman awaiting hers. Super fine glitter in pink and green was added to enhance the pin and give it extra sparkle (can't have enough sparkle). It looks a little French to me which I find appealing.
I made a parasol out of a folded doily--complete with a glass bead that I glued on top--and a toothpick.
My business card is in the back. I had wanted the pretty pictures of my cards to show, but figured it was best if my information were showing instead. Whoever receives these will have the added treat of discovering a pretty picture on the other side of my card.
I color coordinated the whole thing by picking out the colors from the pin (besides they are springlike, and I'm sooo ready for spring)--turquoise, white, and both light and dark pinks. I hope the recipients think these are a little bit of "eye candy" and like them. It was fun, and I appreciate Sadie giving us this challenge and opportunity!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Another Fun Estate Sale

I have certainly been neglecting this blog a know how life gets. We've added another homeschool activity to our week which has been just great--but takes up time. I have been working on the Lollishops February challenge which is due soon. I'll blog more about that on another post when they are ready.
I did manage to go to another estate sale this past weekend. It wasn't as much fun without my mom along who was out of town, but it was fun none the less. There were some interesting things, and I saw this (see above) box on the counter by the lady who was helping with the sale and asked if it were for sale. She said that she needed to ask her husband because they were thinking of saving it for a relative who was a teacher. So, I gave her my name and number saying if the teacher DIDN'T want it I definitely DID. So, I meandered around the house...yes, praying that if the Lord thought I should have it that He would change their minds and allow me to buy it now. I was ready to leave and thanked the lady for taking my name and number. "You're leaving now? Let me ask my husband about that box again." Well, the husband said I could just have it...for $10. Yippee! An answer to prayer! I could hardly contain myself. It is full of rhinestones and beads and antique buttons and beautiful old broken jewelry bits. The person who owned this has been collecting sparkles for a very, very long time, and I'm thankful to have it. My mind is swirling with ideas! Now, if I can just find the time....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Estate Sale, Thrift Shop, and Antique Shop Goodies

It has been SUCH fun having my mom live closer to us now. I get out more! Yes, and I even get out without the kids from time to time. I'm having too good a time! Anyway, Mom and I have sort of been on a thrifting spree lately. We've gone to thrift shops, antique shops and malls, and so far one estate sale. It's amazing what and how much you can get without having to spend an arm and a leg. We went to an estate sale last up before sun-up....traveled 50 minutes...waited forever....and finally were allowed in. We learned a few important lessons...get up BEFORE the sun gets up...take a bag or two for the goodies...and take something to do while waiting. It was an organized sale, so I was concerned what the prices would be like. They were very reasonable, however. We were #84 and #85 to get in which was disappointing, but there were still some goodies left. The early birds get the worm! I sort of enjoy the totally disorganized estate sales because I love plowing through boxes and going through things to find those little hidden treasures for sale, but this one was fun too. Most treasures I look for are to try to resell...but most of these I'm keeping for myself because I like them so much. Here are some found recently....
This little tiny box is from Austria and is pretty petit point/needlepoint. This type of stitching was inspiration for my bead business, so my eye flew directly to this. It was a great price at an antique shop.
This little blue glass perfume bottle I found at a thrift shop for a song. I cleaned it up and am going to give it to my grandmother. She has blues and purples in her bathroom, so this should look great there.
I couldn't resist these buttons. I'm always on the look out for pretty buttons. I'm not sure what exactly I'll use them for or if I'll sell them, but I do like them.
This teapot was remarkably still at the estate sale when we went in...and it was only $5! Mom and I like to think that the Lord kept it sitting there waiting just for me. ; )
This little jackknife was at the estate sale as well. The blade which is a little rusty snaps into a tortoise shell holder, and I believe this is it's original box--a box from a jeweler/optician (that's what it says on the cover) from the Madison, Wisconsin area. It is less than 1" long, and I believe it must have been a charm or something since it has a loop on the end.
Finally, these little baby pins or lingerie pins as they are called (depending on who you talk to) were an irresistible find (all were on the same card for one price) at an antique mall that was having a store-wide sale. They are quite small, the largest measuring 1-3/4" and the smallest 7/8". The one with the pearly "grapes" and leaves is quite a curiosity since the grapes dangle from the pin. I'm not sure if the turquoise one is actually a stone or a glass bead. It is pretty nonetheless!
The largest one has this curious marking on it that I can't find who or what it stands for or what it means. If you know, I would be most appreciative if you would comment on this post and tell me. Thank you so much!
So, there you have the latest well as the ones I've been listing on Etsy--lots of glitz and glamor. Hope you've enjoyed the post! ; )

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Etsy Purchase from "Sew...That's It"

I needed a birthday gift for my grandmother whose birthday is coming up shortly. She loves tea (she's who I get my love of tea from), serving it to others with sugar cubes, and has sewn all her life. Well, needless to say, this pin cushion is the perfect gift for her! I found it on Etsy from a shop named "Sew...That's It". The sugar cube put me over the edge in buying it, and I'll tell you, it is as adorable in real life as in the picture...maybe more so (picture compliments of the Etsy store). Check out this shop for other cute items or if you need a teacup pin cushion for yourself or for a friend--Sew...That's It. I certainly recommend the store not just for it's products but for the fast friendly service as well.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Fancy Sugar "Cubes" for Tea Tutorial

A tea is really fancy when there are many little, pretty details. Yes, sugar cubes are fancy--but these sugar "cubes" will make your tea more so, and let's face it, can a tea ever be too fancy? It is actually quite simple to make these pretties, and I know you will be pleased with your efforts.
For each sugar color, I used the following ingredients: 1) 1/2 cup of white sugar, 2) one drop of food coloring [Don't use more than one little drop of food coloring, or your colors will be too deep. Pastel colors are always more delicate and pretty for a tea.], and 3) 1 teaspoon of water.
Mix the water and coloring with the sugar thoroughly. The sugar will be damp. Press the sugar firmly into pretty, small-sized candy molds. Clean any excess sugar off around the tops of the molds so that sugars have no "furry" edges after they harden.
Allow to harden at least 12 hours in the molds. Wiggle the shapes a bit then pop them out of the molds onto a plate. They will have shrunk in size some and should come out easily. Let harden several hours more decorative shape up.
Put on a pretty plate or into a clear sugar bowl for your tea!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Victorian Fan Brooch

As promised, here is a peek at what I just finished. I found this bone fan bead at one of bead shops I visited this past week and just HAD to sit down and work on it. I decided to decorate it with "roses" and green "leaves" for a Victorian look. Also, the burgundy background and all the brass gives it a Victorian feel as well. The bottom needed something, so I put some heavy needlepoint thread in a coordinating green color there to pull it all together and give it yet another genuine fan look. Hope you like it!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Globe Beads

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16
I can't help but think of this verse when I see these beads. Perhaps this is how big the world is to God...yet He is concerned about each one of us.
The darker one was given to me as a gift, and the two lighter ones I found this past week while visiting a new...yes, a NEW, bead shop. I have no idea what I'll do with them. They just "spoke to me", and I bought them. I guess they appeal to me because they look like the real thing only in miniature, and the different stones used as the inlaid continents are pretty. Anyway, I had the wonderful opportunity to go to TWO bead shops this past week, and one of them was this new shop close to Milwaukee. Talk about inspiration overload! I'll be posting soon about a recent creation from a beautiful new bead I bought this past week. Stay tuned!

Thanks, Patti--Valentine Swap Box

I had fun participating in Linda's "A Swap for All Seasons" Vintage Valentine swap. My partner was Patti of Creative Cottage Dreamer. The box was full of yummy, handmade, fun, creative, and vintage type goodies--all beautifully wrapped.
Patti is one creative lady who can do so many different things--like the cross stitch, the paper art, and even the beaded bracelet and earrings. I'm impressed! I know she worked hard at making the box extra special--and it certainly was. It was a great swap. Thank you so much, Patti! ; )

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

And the Winner Is....

...of the vintage image Valentine brooch...Marie of Blossom Time Creations! Congratulations, Marie, and thank you to everyone who took a peek at my shop and entered this giveaway.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Just Because...

Dear hubby brought these home yesterday...just because! Isn't he sweet? I'm always thankful for a bouquet of roses (you know I love roses)...especially when they smell great too as these do. Speaking of "just because" case you haven't signed up for my vintage Valentine pin giveaway, visit a few posts down and sign up. The drawing will be held on Wednesday.

Are People Glad to Have Known You?

Sometimes I ponder this question. There have been people I think about from my past who, quite frankly, I wish I had never known. I think of a lady I used to work with years ago. She was very negative, caused me to doubt people (even tried with my own husband), and stressed me out. While I may have learned lessons from her (like what NOT to be like), I can't look back with a positive memory of her. Then, there are people that I can think of that I'm just so have known! People that have impacted my life, and, yes, the lives of others, I'm sure, in a good a strong way. A lady, Shirley, that my family has only known since last spring passed away last night. Though we only knew her for a short time, I'm glad we knew her. I look back on our chats and smiles and am thankful for the time that we had to get acquainted. She was an older lady that was feisty, vibrant, and full of life who went in for hernia surgery...and just didn't make it. Who would have known? Was she worried? Worried? Why should she be worried? She assured her family before the surgery that she had no worries about the surgery...and besides, if something DID happen to her she had accepted the Lord Jesus as her personal Saviour and was totally sure that she would spend eternity in heaven. She was comforting her family with this (to some who perhaps were not saved and did not have this assurance). One just never knows what tomorrow will bring (see very bottom of this bog if you want this assurance!)...I'm so thankful to have known of Shirley's strength and assurance and comfort and testimony. I'm just so glad to have known Shirley.