Friday, November 19, 2010

Autumn Leaf Craft Swap Sent to Victoria

I participated in a swap hosted by GiddyStuff. It was the "Autumn Leaf Craft Swap", and the swap had to include three things: a handmade item inspired by autumn leaves, something in an autumnal color from my stash, and a sweet treat to enjoy after an afternoon of crafting. I thought this swap was right up my alley! I loved the theme and what all we were to include. My swap partner was Victoria of Things I Learn from BEAR. I tried to put a little package together to send off to the UK as a hostess gift...but unfortunately no matter how I asked, I never received an address. Can't sent a hostess gift without an address (I was going to make her a brooch!). Oh, well.

Anyway, I made a fall-colored brooch for Victoria with pretty glass beads. I gathered bits and pieces of beads and buttons and things and put them all into a little plastic organizer box, sent some red glitter, fall-colored feathers, and some deep green satin ribbon that has "tea" spelled in different languages with pictures of teacups on it. Guess I went overboard a little on the goodies from my stash. Then for the yummy part....a bag of Kisses with fall-colored foils (just love these...they are yummy AND pretty). It certainly was fun!


Anonymous said...

Michele...i love my treasures...everything, but i am smitten by the little glass bottle of glitter. and you sent me so many pretties that i can use on my cards...
btw ~ i didn't take any pics of your box before i sent it...if you have a chance could you snap one and post?
love the pin...have it on today with a brown sweater...looks great :)

GiddyStuff said...

Glad your swap went well, you sent some lovely things. I did sent you my details, but obviously they didn't get there! Hotmail has it's moments!