Monday, November 1, 2010

Just Can't Give it Up!

This past Saturday Mom and I got up very early for the first time since her accident in August to go to a large church tag sale, two thrift stores, and an antique mall. She got right up and was eager to go which is amazingly GREAT progress for her. We went slowly with breaks, and she was tired in the afternoon. However, we had a super fun time and got some nice goodies. It was such fun to get up and go with her again. We have BOTH missed estate sales and shopping early. Anyway, I bought this little crown brooch for a song...I love crown brooches. You know, I went to list it in my shop and just couldn't! There have been several pieces that have been hard to part with--gorgeous vintage pieces--but this one I just couldn't break with. It is gold tone metal with both deep purple and clear rhinestones. It was a fun day with even a rare treat for myself!


The Polka Dot Closet said...

So glad to hear your Mom got out and enjoyed her day! Was it your Mom that was in the car when some metal or something came thru. I can't quite remember? When ever I find crown jewelry i consider them a treasure also!


Something Special said...

If I had found it, I would not be able to give it up either. Some things you just have to keep for yourself!

Ginny said...

You should keep it then. It is a beautiful piece, plus you will have memories attached to it w/ your nice day out!

I do the same thing with stuff I buy for ebay to sell. It is hard to part with some things.