Monday, November 1, 2010

Favorite Mug

Come on...admit it. You have a favorite--the one one you go to, the one you specifically look for in the cupboard, the one you feel things taste better in, the one that feels "just right" in your hand, the one you feel a little down about when it's still sitting dirty in the dishwasher, the one you hope guests don't choose when they come for a visit....THAT one!
Well, this is my favorite mug. I don't drink tea in it unless I must (and have numerous times); however, coffee or hot cocoa or hot cider or even a small cup of soup always get poured into this one if and when it is at all available. I"m convinced things taste better in it. My mother bought it for me before I headed off for college. It sort of represents her and me and our love of shopping together.
It is just the right thickness, size, and weight. I love the picture too--so fun and carefree and simple. There are many memories I have where the mug though in the background was present. I have laughed over this mug, studied over it, cried over it, worried over it, rejoiced with it close by, prayed with it in hand, found comfort and warmth sipping from it, moved around the U.S. with it, read my Bible with it by my side...and am enjoying a cup of coffee from it right now while typing to you all.

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