Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gram's Canisters

My grandmother has had glass canisters such as these ever since I can remember. Years ago my grandfather built a floor-to-ceiling set of shelves in their kitchen--shelves that could be accessed from either side. Then Gram had these canisters on every shelf. Some were sets and some weren't. She had reds, yellows, greens, blues, opalescent brown...and that is all that I can remember. Of course she kept all sorts of things in them. I remember when the sun came into the kitchen it looked like a small stained glass wall full of color and sparkle. I had never really wanted any for myself in the past. My mother has sets in yellow and green (with all sorts of sizes of the same style) in her home.
Gram had decided to weed these out of her home and gave them to me. She kept her cobalt blue set and light blue set (they are so pretty and are her favorites). As these have sat around my kitchen for a few weeks they have sort of grown on me. They DO go with the fruit theme I have for our kitchen. I'm going to try to trade the yellow one that is of a different design with my mother for perhaps one that matches the other two in style....or perhaps it could be yet another quest for me when I visit antique malls, flea markets, etc.


Rose Brier Studio said...

The canisters are pretty and probably all the better cuz they remind you of your Gram.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Sweetie...
What a beautiful share this morning. I too remember my Grandma had many of these canisters in her kitchen.

They are so beautiful and you are so lucky that she shared with you. They look like stained glass sitting on the ledge there. What treasures each could hold. To know that she hand picked each one of these just for you. How wonderful is that.

Thank you for sharing today. It brought back a beautiful memory of Grandma's kitchen that I had forgotten. She has been gone now for 35 years.

Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

deb said...

Love colored glass in windows and how it looks when the sun hits.

Something Special said...

I remember how popular those jars were in the 70's, My mother had some from being the manager at a major Dept. store gift Dept. Seeing them brought back special memories of her.