Monday, October 18, 2010

Melissa's Giveaway

Don't miss it!! Melissa at Melissa's Jewelry and Gems is having a beautiful giveaway. She is offering this pink tourmaline and white topaz ring in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There are specific rules and you must enter by October 30...but why wouldn't you enter?? Pink is my favorite color and always has been....I love tourmaline (treated myself to a green tourmaline pendant after the birth of my daughter...the pink and green watermelon tourmaline is my all-time favorite)...AND breast cancer has touched everyone in one way or another. I have known several ladies who have had it--ladies from church, ladies who I've worked with, etc. This ring is a good reminder to us all to do our BSE's and get mammograms. Thanks Melissa for reminding us with this generous offer of yours.
Melissa also is a fellow Etsy seller and offers some fabulous things in her shop--Melissa's Jewelry and Gemstone Store. There are some very pretty and reasonably-priced gifts there for others or for yourself. DO check it won't be disappointed.

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Melissa said...

Awesome job, thank you so much. I love Watermelon Tourmaline too, though I can not say I own any, YET. It is a bit pricey but definitely on my list. You are my first entry.