Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Avon Samples from a Nice Lady

Many thanks to Karen for sending me some fun Avon lipstick and perfume samples and, well, just for being so nice. Please visit her SHOP to check out what she has to offer from Avon. You know, I have such good memories of Avon all the way back to childhood. My grandmother bought me a beautiful flower ring with my birthstone in it. My great-grandmother bought me the little gingerbread man and the pink and white snowman pins with the solid perfume in it (the perfume never lasted very long). I remember the Avon lady coming, and my mom trying on new lipstick from those wee little tubes of lipsticks (like the ones above). I thought they were soooo neat, and the lipstick looked great on Mom. Sweet Honesty and Soft Musk were my favorite scents. Good memories! And, actually, they really do have good prices. I've tried some of the lipsticks above, and they are so creamy! Anyway, this is my recent reminder of some great memories as well as a great opportunity to have an Avon shop to go to for gifts for myself and others.


Anonymous said...

Nice litle gift.I love their handcream its the best ever.

Happy Tuesday!

Donna said...

Michele, you brought back some wonderful memories for me, too! I actually used to go door-to-door in the 70's selling Avon. I need to purchase some of their goodies again!

Thank you for visiting my blog. I also love the lamp lights although we do have one overhead light in the family room. The floor lamps are cozier though!

Have a wonderful week!... Donna

Karen said...

Thanks Michele!