Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I just discovered this at Walmart. We had never seen it before. Have you? It has probably been around for the last 10 years....but this cranberry version of Stove Top is super yum. It was on the end of one of the aisles. I tried to find it in our regular grocery store, but with all the varieties of Stove Top available, this one wasn't anywhere to be seen. We like cranberries anyway. They give a nice little sweet bite to whatever they are in AND they sure make a dish or cookie pretty with their gorgeous, deep reddish-pink color. I always keep a container of Stove Top on hand in case I ever need a REALLY quick meal. I open up a can of chicken and stick it in the water with the butter before putting in the stuffing. *ching* Instant yummy meal in about 8 minutes. Anyway, if you haven't tried this...I'd recommend it. Yum!

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sjmcdowell said...

Hi Michele,

Nope I have never seen this either!! I love cranberries and bought a new bag the other day.
I love to make hot oatmeal for my breakfast in the morning and I put some cranberries in the bottom of the bowl along with some copped almonds and pour the hot oatmeal over them to heat then up, then I sprinkle cinnamon on top of the oatmeal along with some honey and add the Silk Almond milk and viola..a great breakfast!!
Anyway....I will have to look for the cranberry Stovetop stuffing box!

Wishing You and your Family a Merry Christmas!!

Love and Hugs,