Monday, December 22, 2008

Victoria Magazine--January/February 2009 Issue

You know, I really think Victoria magazine is getting better and better. Even their advertisements are pretty (just LOVE looking at the georgeous gems in the Van Atkins Jewelers ads every issue!). The Valentine cookies on page 25 are beautiful. It would take me a lot of work to make a cookie that even looks close to that beautiful. The swan bed left me, well, speechless to say the least. My brother has been a philatelic for years and years (referring to the postal history article). He recently acquired an envelope with an old stamp on it, and the address on it to was to the Minnesota Territory which both he and I found very interesting. The article on D. Blumchen & Co. was beautifully inspiring, and I can't wait to try my hand at the petit fours recipie (minus the Grand Mariner--I don't do alcoholic beverages even for cooking). I have included pictures of an ironstone teapot, a Pankhurst "stone china" one, that my grandmother gave me and my ink wells (articles are written about both types of items in this issue). The ink wells are broken at the top because these of old had to be broken in order to get the ink out. I bought one of them in New Zealand at an antique store. It was a most enjoyable read all the way through. Good job, Victoria!

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I will go look at that mag. I was tagged and have tagged you. Sillyness! Merry Christmas.