Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Favorite Beads!

While I truly enjoy and appreciate all beads, I am particularly fond of the flower ones, and while I really like the flower ones, my hands-down favorites are these. I've been working on some charms lately (more on that in a later post), and I got part of my inspiration for the charms' design from these. In fact, I specifically chose these flower beads for this special project because I like them so much. I go back to these all the time because of their rich color (which varies from light to deeper shades, by the way). They also have little bubbles in them from time to time which make them particularly endearing. Surely, everyone who crafts must have a favorite item they keep going back to or particularly enjoy working with: a favorite yarn, a favorite paper print, a favorite glitter, a favorite colored pen, etc. What is your favorite item to create with?


Laura said...

Happy New Year & Best Wishes for a very prosperous 2009!

l said...

Yes, those beads are so pretty, I almost always like the items I see them on. In fact, I did get my first ever piece of jewelry with one of those same bright pink ones on it (a cow braclet:) for Christmas. Happy new year to you Michele!