Friday, December 19, 2008

Romantic Homes Magazine--Crowns

What better way to mark my 100th post on this blustery, snowy day than to mention the January Romantic Homes article "Crowning Achievements". I so enjoyed it. What a fun thing to read about! I don't think a person can add enough *sparkle* to themselves or their homes, and adding a few crowns around would be such fun. The only crown we have up in our house is in my daughter's room holding a swag and centered over her window. It is a cheap one from the kid's section of the store, but it has plenty of "gems" to add pretty sparkles in the room of my little princess. The ones in this article are definitely more "grown-up"...but do we ever really grow up? My favorite ones in the article are on page 61, especially the one under the cloche. I wish we could have seen Alys's favorite one--the "tattered purple-velvet lined life-size jeweled crown." But I'm glad for the ones we DID see.

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l said...

Michelle, this is such a neat idea! I will look at the mag. I saw you are a christian homeschooler. Me too! (much of the time). I like your blog.