Sunday, December 28, 2008

Snowflakes for the Windows!

With the onset of winter...and all of it's snowy days...I have a tradition, I guess it is now becoming, of putting up snowflakes in our windows from the beginning of winter to spring's first arrival (my kids love helping put them up). I think there are few other of God's creations more delicate, detailed, sparkly, and beautiful than the snowflake (just can't resist anything that sparkles!). You know, snow could have been black or orange or some other depressing and stressful color, but, no, God allowed snow to glisten white to brighten up the dull, brown world until the first few tender red buds and green blades are seen...and beautiful colors return once again. I've collected snowflakes for many years now--some glass and some acryllic--and love adorning our windows with them each year during these bleak months. When the sun shine makes it's way around our house and shines through these snowflakes, spectrums are scattered in each room at different times of the day with little bursts of color to brighten up our wintry days.

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l said...

Those are so pretty! What a fun idea Michele!