Thursday, December 18, 2008

Design Your Own Tartan!

Aren't tartans interesting? Some of them can be so very pretty. I find it fascinating that people across the pond could once tell what family you were from just by looking at what plaid you were wearing. I have had several pretty plaid skirts and scarves in the past, and remember making it a goal to buy a kilt (got two!) while visiting England years ago in high school on a singing tour (would go back in a heart beat if we had the money). I never dreamed of designing my very own plaid...until I ran across Tartan Maker ( I created the lovely, colorful tartan that you see here on their site. Mmmmm, perhaps I shall name it the "Glass Bead Treasure" tartan or the "Tumbling Rose Cottage" tartan. Someday soon when I am snowed in and have absolutely nothing else to do, I'd like to play with this maker more. If you want some guaranteed creative fun, go to Tartan Maker, and, well, design your own any colors, with any sized bands, with as many bands as you wish, and going horizontally or vertically! Best of all it is free. What creative fun!

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