Friday, September 5, 2008

Victoria Magazine--September/October 2008 Issue

I have had fun lately browsing the latest round of magazines I thoroughly enjoy--like Tea Time Magazine and Victoria Magazine. Victoria has an article on a shop called Tail of the Yak which is a shop full of eclectic curiosities and oddities. I wish I could visit it, but California is unfortunately a little out of our budget at this time. Two pictures, well...actually three, captured my eye. One was of waxed paper teacups and saucers (page 59). These are a must-see! Talk about a paper cup gone to a higher level (perhaps two higher levels). These would be fun for a whimsical outdoor, patio-tiles-under-foot tea. They look lovely and there would be no need to fret about your lovely teacups shattering on the floor. The other picture is on page 61. IF you can get past the LOVELY diamond and gemstone rings in the antique jewelry boxes (that's the third picture!), there is a picture on the top left of the page that has what looks like miniature paintings in tiny gold frames. If only I could get a closer look! You know how I love and enjoy tiny things (one of the reasons I like those small, glass flower beads), and these looked intriguing to say the least. Get yourself a copy of Victoria and check these things out for yourself. Just this article, not to mention the rest of the magazine, is worth it.

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Honeygo Beasley said...

I just pulled out a back issue - this one in particular - and was admiring that article and gazing lovingly at the photos of that shop. It's so my style. : ) I went online now to Google the shop and found your post. Thanks for sharing!