Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bluebird Feathers!

Whether we want to admit it or not, we must confess that since childhood we have all had that pleasantly surprised and exhilarating feeling upon discovery of a feather on the ground. It is somewhat debatable whether or not we actually should pick up the feather or not (bugs? disease? who knows why this is debated really?), but regardless there is just something special about discovering a feather. A bird is so visually and audibly appealing, so colorful, so untouchable! A bird represents beauty, lightheartedness, fragile endurance, teamwork, and glorious freedom. To hold onto a tangible representation of these things can be most invigorating! Above you will see not one but TWO birdbird feathers. Bluebirds abound around there thankfully and are lovely and enjoyable in every way. I found both of these in two separate places--one out back of our house and the other at a park. What treasures! Joys like these money cannot buy. I shall keep them in my antique inkwell and think of the bluebirds fluttering around flowers and trees this winter down south whenever I come back in from shoveling snow. I will encourage myself that the pleasant bluebirds will indeed return next year...and perhaps leave another brilliant blue feather for me to add to my collection!

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