Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Pretty Laundry Room

Some household tasks are more mundane than others, and, well, it's pretty hard to get excited about doing the laundry. Some days it's a chore, and some days it is a down right drudgery. I figure for a place that I must visit several times a week to do something I would rather not have to do, the room itself needs to be cheery and inviting...even pleasant, if possible. I painted our small laundry room a warm, buttery yellow with coordinating sandy-yellow tiles. I like to hang my laundry outside when I can, so I wanted to give an appearance of bringing the outside "in" by displaying a rose garden theme to the room. Besides it makes it much more pleasant on those rainy or snowy days when going outside and hanging up laundry with whiffs of roses in the air is quite impossible. I "re-purposed" a country-styled shelf by painting it white and adding crystal knobs. A pretty rose plate from a yard sale and brass planter with a philodendron in it beautifies an otherwise useless wall. My favorite "Scott's Roses" tin wall-hanging was eyed in a Romantic Homes magazine a few years ago, and I found mine on line. Rose cabinet knobs, a pretty rose-covered valence, "Garden" sign, flower mister, and teapot all add to the charm without making the room too overwhelmingly decorated. The only two things that I'm still working on in this room. One is my ironing board cover. It does show in the room. I saw a rose ironing board cover at some store years ago, and would like to get one sometime. I'm sure I can find one somewhere (Do you have any suggestions as to where?). I just have to look hard enough. The other thing is a potted miniature rose which fell ill this past summer (notice I have subtly left it out of camera view!). I am trying to "love" it back to health instead of merely tossing it and buying a new one. Sometimes this method takes a great deal of time and effort which hopefully will be worth it in the end. I hope you enjoy my warm, rose accented laundry room!

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Shabby Shan said...

Hi Michele,
Your laundry room is so pretty! Thank you for sharing it with us.

Have a nice week!