Friday, September 26, 2008

New Lampshade is Finally Done

Remember? I had worked hard on a lampshade, spent lots of time...and just didn't like it? Well, here it is--reworked and redesigned. I like it much better. I must be happy with a piece in order to put it up for sale. It has multi-colored flowers in various sizes and styles, the colors of which truly compliment each other. The red flowers have Swarovski crystal beads in the centers to add an extra level of sparkle. I would enjoy this "home jewelry" in MY home, and hopefully others will say the same thing! Check out the lampshade's flowers up close on my eCrater site.

1 comment:

Artistic Romantic Angela said...

Hi Michele,
Love your beaded shade it is very elegant. Your work is lovely. I look forward to seeing more on lollishops.