Saturday, November 7, 2009

Two Little Estate Sale Finds

I was thrilled to find this little enameled bluebird pin in a bunch of "stuff" from an estate sale. Perhaps these little pins were used to secure certain undergarment straps in days of old, or perhaps it was simply little bit of added color on a lapel. Whatever the case, this is assuredly a treasure.
Also in the bunch of "stuff", was this little book locket.
It appears that it had more enamel on it that has over the years fallen off. I like the intricate details of the back and front covers.
It is a sweet little locket that appears to be old and well used.
I so enjoy "little" things especially if they are vintage, pretty, or interesting. Like the little bluebird pin, this locket is a "keeper" treasure as well.


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Michelle!
I love your little bluebird of happiness. It so gorgeous, and would it be beautiful on a dress or scarve, and it would be beautiful on a scarve wrapped around you wrist with this little pin attached to it. I love the blue color. Why you could even attach it to a hat.

You are right about the book. The detailing is so rich. Imagine the stories this book would contain if it could talk to you. I bet it has been to many places and seen many interesting things.

I love estate sales and pretty little finds like this. Thank you for sharing this morning.

Please stop by and say hi. I would love to share my post today.

Country hugs, Sherry

Pauline said...

Hi Michele, these are lovely little treasures. I'm beginning to appreciate miniature 'stuff' :o) I take my hat off to the makers for their patience and skill. Have a blessed weekend.


MaƂgosiaart said...

Beauty, just beauty! Thank You for visiting my blog.Warm greatings.