Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thanks for the Blessing, Polly!

I just finished reading the last page of the Romantic Homes December 2009 issue. It is a beautiful issue (love what they did with those gorgeous hankies on the front cover--beautiful material!)...and it ended beautifully with a little "At Home With..." article about Polly Hood of French Cupboard (a group I'd love to be a part of someday when the money allows...someday, I hope) and Counting Your Blessings fame. It was such a blessing to read in a large publication that one of her prized possessions is her Bible! Not everyone would have the guts to say such a thing (might "offend" someone...might lose some business...etc.). I figure if the Lord had the "guts" to die on the cross for us, an innocent man, then why shouldn't we have some guts to speak out for Him and his Word? Anyway, I appreciate and respect Polly for mentioning the Bible--a book which is increasingly getting more and more unpopular--and I know the Lord will bless her and her business for it. Thanks for the blessing, Polly!


blessings said...

Michele, you're so sweet. Thank you for your kind words and also for being bold here on your blog. I am so humbled to be part of this issue of Romantic Homes. And even more humbled to have access to the one true God.

I'm so glad to have met you! Looking forward to getting to know you better. Blessings... Polly


brook sellers said...

Michele, Your blog and shop are looking wonderful, Most of all It is delightful to read a blog and see reverence to God and his word.
Proud to know both of you young ladies, and yes you will be twice blessed, God is gracious. I now have another blog and two etsy and one Lollishop, please stop by,all info on the red chair studio,your blog was a nice start to my day. Thank You, Blessings Brook