Monday, November 2, 2009

"Tea Time Tidbits" Special Posting #11

The tea cup and saucer or the tea mug? Ah, this has been a struggle for me! I enjoy them both. The teacup and saucer pictured was a gift from a friend. The tea mug in the same Ruby Lace pattern of Royal Albert's Old Country Roses pattern, I just bought at a close-out store (great price!). I think the pattern is just beautiful--the rich ruby color covered in roses. I know when I use a teacup and saucer, I feel more elegant, more refined. I enjoy the beautiful curved lines and sheer beauty of a teacup and admire how it sits lady-like on it's saucer. The teacup MUST go with it's saucer. Tea must not be served in the cup without it's saucer ever present to hold it between sips. However, my tea always goes cold faster in a little teacup for some reason whether I pre-warm the cup or not.
The tea mug is a little thicker and durable, holds a little more tea, and is more utilitarian. It doesn't have the chunkiness of a coffee mug--it is much prettier and more feminine. It can be just as lovely as the teacup and saucer; however, it is missing those feminine curves and beauty of form.
I guess the decision between the two depends on what the mood is. Am I ready for a quick cup of tea? A tea mug will do. Do I want to sit and ? The teacup and saucer will be best here. Which do YOU prefer?


Pauline said...

I prefer a mug...Shock! Horror! but only when I'm curled up in front of the telly, of I'm away from my table. Mugs are more robust but in certain situations it has to be a pretty cup and saucer. Yours are lovely by the way :o)

Unknown said...

They're both so lovely! Hmm...I think I would choose one on some days and the other on different days, you know, switch it up to keep things interesting :)

:) T