Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Is Feedback Important?

I'm really a statistics junkie. Though I thought my "stats" class in college was sort of a drag, I'm very dedicated to checking my on-line statistics every day on Google Analytics, checking my Ebay comments, checking any Etsy comments, checking my e-mails, reading blog comments (I don't miss any comments--they all get read) and seeing if there are any more followers, etc. Each follower is very important to my on my blog--I'm extremely thankful, not to mention honored, for each and every one of you who care at all about what I have to say. Every heart is appreciated on Etsy. Every comment on Ebay sales is read. When I sell something on Ebay or Etsy or Lollishops, getting a response...a communication of any sort by the very important. I can learn a lot from feedback. Does anyone else crave feedback? I feel that if someone DOESN'T respond, that they didn't like what I sent or there's a problem, and they don't want to tell me. I'm really trying to make sure that I communicate with buyers and sellers of items on line, particularly those "little shops" out there where people take the effort and time to create what they sell. Perhaps feedback fills in the gap that is missing in on-line sales--of not physically going into a shop, seeing the shop owner, and communicating with him/her through body language or verbally about the shop and the items in it. To all who have commented on the things I have sold them--THANK YOU! I appreciate the time you take to do so. I'd also like to encourage those who don't give feedback to little shop owners like myself, to do so. The little bit of time you take to give feedback is more important that you think--and appreciated.


Cherished Treasures said...

Totally agree !!! I sell on EBay too, and not receiving a comment from a buyer sure leaves you wondering. I also do not understand the buyers who purchase from me and leave less tan 5 stars. My listings plainly state that I ship priority mail, I do not charge a handling fee, so why is their any ? about shipping costs being to high. I also ship within 24 hours of receipt of payment, I really think that is 5 star service. I guess some people just do not understand how important the feedback system is for those of us trying to keep a good reputation on the internet sites.
Thank you for bringing this to everyones attention. Hope all of your followers pass it along.
Best wishes, Carol

Unknown said...

I too read and enjoy each and every comment I get on my blog! It just never gets old to hear from "friends" throughout the's an instant pick me up!!!

:) T

Cottage Rose said...

Hi Michele; I am in total agreement with you.. I always make sure I leave a comment, it would be rude of me not too... after all they put their Heart and Soul in their blogs, the least we can do is leave a sweet comment for all there lovely words....

Hope you have a great week.

Alaura said...

I right with ya sister. I am trying to get my etsy shop going, but while I'm waiting for that I blog alot. I live for the comments.


fabricartist21 said...

Hello there I am so glad that I found you on my sister's blog as You expressed my total feeling about feedback and about having integrity in our lives. I am a new seller on Etsy and I am having a fall giveaway on my blog to encourage followers to come to my blog and shop. Please come and see what I am about and sign up for the giveaway. thanks