Saturday, September 12, 2009

At the Farmers' Market

You know, I love the idea of going to a farmers' market. I truly appreciate all of the hard work that goes into having a large garden (especially because I have allergies that make weeding miserable for me) and then the work that goes into harvesting early in the day, setting up a little booth, and sitting there for hours selling your things while someone two booths over is trying to sell the exact same things. I don't go to them often, sadly...shame on me! I really never think of it--you know...we shop at a grocery store every payday for groceries that last us for two weeks until the next payday. That's our budget, and unfortunately I don't think "outside the box" very often to check the times and places where the local markets may be. I love the idea of buying local and supporting a "little guy" trying to make an extra buck.

We had to mail something at our post office this past Thursday, and low and behold a farmers' market was set up across the street. I must never go to the post office on Thursday afternoons in the summer, because I had no idea this was there and had been there all along. Mmmmm, guess I need to get out more. We had a few extra bucks in our pockets (rare these days); my husband and I looked at each other, shrugged, and said "why not?". So after getting our stamps, we sauntered through the local farmers' stands. What great stuff! What great prices! Obviously, I need to change my ways. Honey was much cheaper than the bottle I had just bought at the grocery store the Friday before. We bought three huge green peppers for $1.00, a bucket of "dent and scratch" apples for apple pies for $2.00. The fresh corn on the cob looked delicious, and we bought some. The flower lady had buckets of beautiful blooms and was kind enough to tell me some varieties that I thought were beautiful and didn't know the names of. I went back to her stall and with my last $5.00 bought this large, lovely bouquet. Can't get this in Walmart!

Obviously, I need to go to these more...and, if you don't, I encourage you to take a saunter through a local farmers market. It feels good to get healthy, wisely priced items and support a neighbor too.


Pauline said...

Good for you!! I do the same and rarely buy fruits and vegetable in a supermarket. Here in England, we've seem many farms having to turn to other means to support themselves financially, just because they get overlooked by consumers. It's a pity really.

Cottage Rose said...

Hi Michele; I agree with Pauline; good for you.. and those flowers are just gorgeous. love all the colors..
Have a great weekend