Saturday, September 26, 2009

Crowns, the book by Pamela Claussen

Due to the amazing generosity of someone dear and kind, Pamela Claussen's breathtaking book, Crowns, arrived in the mail this past week. I had really, really wanted the book actually--had pointed it out to my husband even...then someone (not my husband) sent it to me. I'm so thankful...tickled pink...jumping for joy...very grateful. Talk about inspirational! If you need inspiration on embellishing, this book will fill that need...and then some. You know I love embellishment of all kinds and have the philosophy of "If three beads can be placed in a particular spot...why not put seven?" Sometimes, however, I find it hard to find the line between embellishment and over-embellishment, between looking classy and being tacky. I don't ever want my things to look tacky. Pamela amazingly goes right up to that line yet never, ever crosses it. Her work is truly beautiful. If I were royalty in anyway--which I'm not other than being a child of God, the King of Kings--and needed a crown or piece of sparkle made...I'd hire Pamela for sure. Check out the book sometime. It's on Pam's lovely website, Glam by Pam. Thank you again, dear friend, for the book. I will enjoy and treasure it for years to come.

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the wild raspberry said...

I'll check it out....I don't read books for myself nearly enough!

Have a great weekend~~