Sunday, October 26, 2008

When a Waverly Shower Curtain Speaks to You...

I was at a garage sale about 3 years ago and saw this Waverly shower curtain for $5. Did I need a shower curtain? No. Did I really want a shower curtain? No. Is $5 too much to spend on a shower curtain at a garage sale? Definitely. Did I want this shower curtain? Absolutely!! It "spoke" to me, and I bought it for $5. To justify buying it, I told myself I'd resell it on E-Bay. BUT, every time I thought about reselling it...I just couldn't. So, I put it in a plastic tub downstairs waiting for the precise moment in time when I'd have to totally redo my bathroom and be in dire need for a new showercurtain. THEN...sorry, I can't remember which one...I read in a Romantic Country article about someone suggesting turning a shower curtain into a tablecloth. ***LIGHT BULB GOES ON*** Perfect! Well, I finally found my sewing machine and find the one bobbin in the entire house to go with it, snipped, sewed, and, WOW, I now have a beautiful new table cloth! So, the moral of this story is...if a shower curtain (or anything else really) "speaks" to you...get it! You will use and enjoy it eventually.

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The Chateau of Remnants said...

Very crafty! I love it :) Very sweet blog.