Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thoughts on Romantic Country's Rachel Ashwell Article

It's funny how you get an idea of something...then read about it or see pictures of it and what you had imagined is NOT what you had imagined at all. I'm speaking of the latest issue of Romantic Country, and their article about Rachel Ashwell's home. It was not what I had expected. She says, "Less is more."and "Avoid anything frilly." These thoughts of hers were quite evident in her home. It seemed stark...almost cold. Other than the chandeliers, bedspread, and a few china pieces, I found her home quite unappealing and unwelcoming. It did not have the pretty elements that I thought her tastes had. Oh,'s her home, and as long as she is pleased with it that's what matters. But I confess to being somewhat disappointed. The following article..."Living in a Fairytale" had a bit more of what I had envisioned her tastes were--only not on such a widespread, ultra-pink scale! While the Bishop's home was much, much more feminine than I would ever imagine having (after all, I DO have to live with my guys)...there were some truly pretty attributes and beautiful things...gorgeous things! I especially liked the spray above the dining room chandelier. My sister-in-law did that in her first home. It really adds to the charm. My own dining room is not conducive to such a detail, so I especially appreciate it when I see it. Oh, and while I'm at it...the house in the following article "Tastefully Tuscan" is elegant in every possible way. It is such fun to look at other people's homes and take this and that from what you see and and incorporate it into your own home. Just some thoughts on articles from a fabulous magazine...

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