Saturday, October 4, 2008

Elegant Repurposing

My husband and I were in this lovely shop in Boothbay Harbor, Maine years ago. I can't remember the name of the shop, but I do remember all of the elegant and, yes, quite unaffordable things there. Then in the far back of the shop there was the 50% off shelf full of the one-of-a-kinds, soiled, orphaned, and other oddities for whoever was interested enough to take a glance. There I saw this teacup. It's saucer had broken, and so, though being an elegant Wedgwood, it sat on that shelf looking lonely and undesired without it's other half. My husband encouraged me to get it (very kind and sweet)...and so I did! I confess to not needing much coaxing to purchase it, but how does one serve proper tea in a proper teacup without it's saucer? Ah, repurposing! I have a fruit theme in my kitchen (more on that at another time), and this little teacup is now enjoying it's new life not as a teacup to be sipped from but, sitting on the corner of my kitchen sink, as a beautiful dish to hold my scrubby pad. It is used every day. It is seen every day. It is enjoyed every day. How could it wish for any different life than this?

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