Saturday, August 9, 2008

Plant Pot "Stickers"

As you know, I love stained glass in just about any form or manner. Yes, when my husband and I visited Notre Dame (just to see it!) in France, we were awed by the magnificent stained glass windows there. I look for stained glass windows in houses whenever we pass through neighborhoods unfamiliar to us...then once a window has been spotted, I have to be certain look whenever we go past again. The beauty of stained glass inspired my glass bead business causing me to use no other types of colored beads than specifically glass (or glass crystal) beads. Sunlight shining through colored glass is stunning and brings out the richness of the glass's color. Unlike plastic, glass will not fade in the sun which ensures the longevity of the item's beauty. I found this pretty stained glass "pot sticker" at a hobby store this past summer. Certainly there MUST be a more eloquent name for these than "pot stickers", but I suppose it will have to do for now. This little stained glass hummingbird wrapped in copper adds color, sparkle, and a tiny spot of yet more beauty to my plant pot full of posies. That is one of the things about stained and colored glass that is most adds a little splash of color and sparkle and beauty to wherever it is placed whether on your lapel, your house, or in a pot full of posies!

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