Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Handmade Things Have More Charm

Of course, this would be a popular subject with me--handmade things having more charm. My mother made crafts and things ever since I can remember, selling them in shops and in craft shows. I tend to look at handmade items a little closer over something saying "Made in China" on the bottom because I appreciate and respect the time and effort that went into thinking up, planning, then creating something. Those who create things tend to put a little bit of themselves and even some love into what they do. I know I do!
Years ago when my husband and I went on our whirlwind trip to Paris, we ended up in a little tiny shop. I couldn't tell you what the shop's name was or where it was exactly, but the shop was adorable and the lady was very, very kind--one of the nicest people we met in Paris. Her tiny shop had all hand-made things from local artisans/crafts people. Talk about wonderful! I bought a thimble hand-painted locally and the little French shoe seen in the pictures above. It looked so "French", I couldn't resist buying it. The thought of someone locally hand decorating this little shoe captured my admiration. It has since sat on my dresser among all of my "lovelies" as a reminder of that trip and how something hand-made can impress and positively influence the recipient no matter what it's size may be.

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