Monday, August 4, 2008

More Roses

Roses are such lovely flowers in their scents, colors, and shapes. Two of my plants didn't make it this year. They succumbed to the caterpillars and other blights that threaten them. But, through my kind Mom "just because" and my husband and children when I was sick, I thankfully acquired a few more plants this year as well. The Japanese Beetles have arrived in full force. They certainly have voracious appetites as does some other little caterpillar I've just noticed. Ugh! I am trying to take care of my bushes and rid them of these pests the best I can...sometimes it feels like a losing game...but persistence and TLC can do wonders sometimes. I was hanging out laundry, and the scents of roses and fresh laundry sailing to my nose on a gentle breeze were most invigorating. How blessed we are that the Lord created roses!

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