Thursday, March 20, 2014

Teatime Pretties and Happy Spring

First of all...happy spring!  Yes, it is finally here.  What a winter it has been!  That is one thing I like about March...the hope of spring (among other things!). 
I go shopping and rarely buy anything for myself.  I'm either looking for things for other people, or just shopping for necessities, or shopping for things to either resell or to make into something to sell.  Well, these pretties I actually bought for me. 
The teacup/tea mug is from a gift shop.  It reminds me of a Cath Kidston print, though this is not related to Cath Kidston at all.  I've been greatly admiring all things Cath Kidston lately--the flowers, the colors, the prints--on Pinterest and elsewhere, and this tea mug was just perfect (in fact, I'm drinking tea from it right now).  The mug really does make tea taste better....really!
This little single-cup teapot is from the local antique mall.  I had had my eye on it for awhile, picking it up every time I went by it.  Remembering the old motto "Buy it or you wish you had", it made its way into my hands somehow.  Now it is mine!  It is very small.  Chintz patterns have always been a favorite.  I'm delighted to say the least. 

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Donna said...

Hi Michele! Thanks so much for visiting my bluebirds! I've noticed that they're spending a good deal of time in our hoppa crab apple trees as well, although here in New England it will be quite some time before anything starts to bloom!

Your teacup and mini teapot are beautiful! I'm glad you found them. And yes, you would have kicked yourself if the next time you were in the antique shop the teapot was not there.

Happy spring to you, too!