Saturday, March 8, 2014

Catching Up

It HAS been awhile since posting.  There have been so many things that have gone on in our lives the past few months.  I suppose some catching up is in order.   This cannot be done all in one day or even in one week...that would be too overwhelming for us all, really.  So, I will start in little bites.  First of all, I'll share some crafts that have been completed lately.  I've tried my hand at a few cuffs.  What a lot of work! 
This one I loved seeing go together.  I had purchased these pretty vintage metal roses and couldn't wait to use them in a big way.  This cuff/bracelet turned out really well.
Then, this bridal one took forever to finish--many hours of embellishing.  The white embroidery on it ended up looking almost like lace.  With its pearly accents and glass beads, it shimmers and shines--perfect for a wedding day.  They are both in my Etsy shop.  These took so long to do, however, that I've moved on to some other felt projects.  Those will be in another post though.  Hope you like these.

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