Saturday, November 5, 2011

Paper Sugars

In some of my creations, I use very small amounts of different colors of extra fine glitter.  This type of glitter can be so expensive, so when I saw strips of sample fine glitters in many colors at a craft store for a song, I purchased two strips right away.  They were in little plastic baggies and needed a more permanent home, so with a discount coupon, I purchased these little screw-top containers and organized the glitters into the containers.  While I was doing this, I was reminded of colored sugars that we sprinkle on sugar cookies--these were only paper sugars! 

I needed one more jar to put the excess and/or spilled glitter into, and this pretty vintage ink jar was just perfect for this.  In the sun these "sugared sprinkles" reminded me of a little stained glass window. 

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Ruby Jean said...

It looks so pretty and that Jar is beautiful....